Living out of coumpounds in AlKhobar

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I am a French Muslim guy and i will be expatriated next year for taking a new position in my company.
I am not fan of the idea to come into a country and to live like consanguineous people especially as my way of life is often so far as europeans.

I would have your feelings about the idea to live out of a compound ? I would like to know if people have similar experiences ? Do high level coumpounds exist with mixed population (lebanese, morrocan ... etc ???)

I will be expatriate with my wife and my little boy. Do you think activities will be accessible for her out of a compound ? Can she build some friendly relation out of this ?

Do you know if religion courses and arabic courses are given in french or british school ?

Thanks a lot for your comments and answers

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Please check the following compounds:
Euro Village
Elite compound

most coumpounds have mixed population. it's safe to live outside of a compound but your wife will find it hard to find any friends or go out shopping. So for this reason I say play it safe and move to a compound. as for mix you will find 50% of familys here are lebanese and they stay mostly in compounds.

Bonjour et bienvenue a khobar..

Well im living out of compound here in khobar but in a nice area.. I. My place we do hve also mixed population from turkish to american arabs pakistnis... Well it s very much divwrsed... Myself im moroccan and feel vwry happy here... I ve got neighbor friend as well as odfice friends as im working...

Good luck

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