Bringing a car into Cambodia?

Hi all,

Have any of you ever brought your car to Cambodia or know what the requirements are?  What about duties on personal vehicles?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

If you are not Embassy staff (tax and duties exemption), it's not worth the trouble and money to bring a car in (might be cheaper to buy one here).  Having said that, if you must import your own car due to whatever reason...check with a dealership on Monivong ro Norodom to see if they can help you transport, do custom clearance and all necessary import paper for a fee! Good Luck.


Hi Leang,

Thanks for the informative reply.  You are certainly one of the few who knows his ways around the country, and you speak very good English too.  Congrats!  :top:

But, this is the dilemma that I am facing:  I am a hardcore BMW enthusiast (e36 M3 Cabrio).  Three years ago, I moved my business (cosmetics and clothes) from California to Vietnam.  Of course, I wanted to bring my car along.  But, when I finally settled in, Vietnam changed its laws and my car became "too old" to be brought into the country. 

I have been looking for a similar car in Vietnam to no avail.  I know a few of the enthusiasts in Thailand, but their cars have right-handed steering wheels, which leaves Cambodia as my best and only hope.  Do you know if they have such cars in Cambodia? 

This is the type of car I am talking about.  It is a 1991 to 1999 BMW 3 series.

I would love to get my hands onto one of these here, in Southeast Asia.  If you have a chance, would you please keep an eye out for one, on my behalf.  I would really appreciate any lead.

Thanks again, Leang.

Hi Howie,

I was once a car enthusiast and totally understand your feeling about a particular car. If you are in Cambodia, check with Mr. Piseth of Asia Garage 012 223 113 to see if he can order one for you or help you import yours for a fee.  He speaks good English and an honest dealer.

PS: M class is the only BMW worth impporting! Cheers



Thanks so much for the tip.  I will do just that.

Hello, can someone please help me, I wanted to ship my car to Cambodia, and I need to know what are the charge, tax and document clearance I need to do.

My car description:

2001 Honda Prelude SE
2.2L / 2156cc

Thanks in advanced!


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