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I be crazy about this with registration of vehicles in Cambodia. I travel a lot to Thailand and therefor I need a car or a motorbike registered in my name with a valid number plates and insurance. But when I searches on internet I often can chose if I want registration document or if I want the plate, never both. What is the rules about this? And what I have to think especial about when I buy. Is it better to buy from a store then a private, even if it often be little more expensive. Do the store help you with this?

And is it same it is in Thailand that I need a document from the police that it is ok that I buy a vehicles.

I have retired 1 year visa in both Thailand and Cambodia and that give me little problem, because I have a new motorbike in Thailand, and they say in Cambodia I can take it over the border as turist, but if I have long-stay visa I am not a turist and then I have to pay toll. And it is not worth it, it be cheaper to sell my in Thailand and buy a new in Cambodia, but what about this registration problem?

I don't update my Thai visa when it expires in August, I am finish with Thailand as long-stay and move permanent to Cambodia.

There are several things you have to take care of.

You need a Cambodian drivers license
You buy a new motorbike at an official dealer, I guess PP is the best place to buy.
The dealer will register your vehicle at the Ministry.
After registration you can buy your license plate.

Here a link to show what is needed.

Alternatively you can buy a second hand with a license plate and have the ownership changed into your name. In Cambodia it is not important if you are the owner of the vehicle you drive, but passing the border I guess it's better to be the owner.

I don't know how far you have to drive into Thailand, and from where. In the meantime there are flights from PP to BKK, from SHV to SR and then to BKK. I sometimes go to Trat and take a taxi to the border, then a van to Trat. Takes 6 hours all together.
Just thinking.

This is the link to on line registering a vehicle:

Good luck.

Cambodia expert team

I need drive myself in Thailand because I often are on the rural Esan, and it be to much mess to go with aircraft or bus. I drive long time before from Thailand to Cambodia and that was no problem as long the the vehicle was registered in my own name, and with all the dookument and license plate in order, I bought an additional insurance at the border   and could travel in Cambodia in a month, I have asked the authorities in Thailand if I can make the journey in the opposite direction and they say that it is perfectly acceptable under the same conditions, and that I do not have the long-stay visa in Thailand.

Thank's for the links JoeKhemer

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