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Updated 2019-11-04 07:35

When it comes to expat living, Phnom Penh has it all. Thanks to an influx of foreign investment over the past decade, many western amenities have popped up across the city, making the capital even more popular with the expat crowd. Read this article to find out more about finding a job in Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh's gentrification hasn't been welcomed by everyone, but many expatriates appreciate the comfort the new developments provide, from organic food stores to luxury gyms.

In spite of the western-style cafes on every corner and the general touches of modernity, Phnom Penh still maintains its Cambodian heart and is as chaotic and charming as ever.

Jobs available in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is a city of opportunity. All sorts of companies have set up shop in Cambodia's capital, from global banks, insurance companies and engineering firms, to travel agencies and language schools. Expats can work, intern or volunteer in a variety of fields: education, hospitality and tourism, law, business, health and medicine, and communications, to name a few.

The capital is also home to numerous global development institutions and non-profit organisations that employ a wide range of foreign staff, from highly-paid country managers to interns who may not even receive a daily stipend.

If you are fluent in English, a very easy way to earn a bit of money in Phnom Penh is to teach English at one of the many language centres or private institutions. There are even opportunities to tutor on an individual basis. Requirements are quite low, and if you have a degree, you can stand to earn between US$10 and US$15 per hour. If you want to earn more or work at a more reputable school, you should invest in a TEFL or CELTA. Most schools will not accept online certificates, but there are many TEFL centres in the city. Teaching at an international school will generally require comprehensive teaching qualifications and experience.

Wages in Phnom Penh

Salaries in Phnom Penh have a wide range. While many Western executives receive generous wages, many entry-level associates make just enough to cover their basic needs. Generally speaking, most expats in Phnom Penh live on an annual salary of anywhere between USD12,000 and USD60,000 depending on their profession.

Job hunting in Phnom Penh

If you relocate to Phnom Penh on an expat package, the salary and benefits will likely be very attractive, so this is understandably the holy grail for many ambitious professionals.

When it comes to finding work at an NGO, most of the recruitment for specialised positions is done while potential employees are in their home country. However, if you are already in Cambodia, then it's worth paying a visit to the Cooperation Committee for Cambodia, which has a noticeboard that advertises available positions. The Phnom Penh Post and Cambodia Daily also have classifieds which regularly feature NGO jobs. If you wish to work at an NGO, you should bring copies of your qualifications and references with you to Cambodia.

Although many people prefer the security of finding a job beforehand, it is possible to look for most types of work once you arrive in the capital. One of the best ways to find a job in Phnom Penh is by checking active expat Facebook pages for job listings such as Phnom Penh jobs for foreignersPhnom Penh jobs, or Phnom Penh expats group.

Many regular networking events take place in Phnom Penh, from cheese-and-wine nights and fancy-dress parties to lavish black-tie affairs and international holiday celebrations. Many big hotels or popular restaurants host these events, and they tend to be funded by well-known enterprises, so it is easy to find out about them by making some simple inquiries. Making connections in the capital can also lead to you finding employment in other parts of the country.

You could also search for openings on specialised websites. Some good job announcement sites are Top Job Cambodia, Bong Thom, and HR Inc.

Applying for a job and Interviews in Phnom Penh

A common resource you will need when applying for a job in Phnom Penh is a well-written CV which discusses your qualifications and job experience.

When it comes time for your interview, you should wear formal clothes to help you look your best and show that you are serious about the role you will be playing in their business. Typically, an interview comes with Khmer customs such as knocking before entering the interview room, sitting once the employer has advised that you may or after asking, and while doing so, sit straight with your back away from the chair. Be sure to show you are genuinely excited and interested in this position. To read more about an example situation, read 10 tips to succeed in job interviews in Phnom Penh.

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