I'm Michael and I've been living in Cambodia for a year now
This country inspired me to eventually settle and create a small company

I would be very happy to exchange any experience and meet new people who did it already!

The best is even to have a drink if you live in Phnom Penh and have some time

French, 29 years old, I love to socialize!
Hope to meet you soon!

Micarpe welcome to

what do u wanna know ?

I would definitely love to have a coffee with you~:D

Hi guys
Has the coffee happened yet?  I'd be interested to join if you don't mind. I'm thinking of setting up here but wanted to know the very basics about registering the company, requirements that have to be met etc.  A beer if you prefer.....

Have a good day!

if its single ownership --->
u need a rental contract agreement  for ur future office
copy of ur passport ,
4 pictures  passport size
decide the name u want for ur company , take these 3 to the ministry of commerce along with 250$ .thats how much it costs to register .U can do this only from 1st january till  end of March.

it will take abt 2 weeks to get ur brand set

rush to the local chamber of commerce , and get your paperwork filled in there ., u need nothing else but a translator cz the paperwork is in khmer N it needs to be filled in khmer too ( u will need to do this tax thing every month )

they will give u a registration number and send u to the National Bank of Cambodia where u must pay arnd 400 dollars TILL 15th of APRIL ,after that they will give u the VAT number.

every month  between 1-5 u need to go back to the local tax  chamber and give the declaration .in Khmer of what you have produced/sold etc in the last month

if u wanna hire ppl u only got 3 months to fill in the job description N file it to the ministry of labor

that's all.

Brillant, thank you very much !

you're welcome :)

Aaliyah01 :

decide the name u want for ur company , take these 3 to the ministry of commerce along with 250$ .thats how much it costs to register .U can do this only from 1st january till  end of March.

This is all great info but just to clarify, is it not possible to start a new business outside of January-March?  I just arrived and am hoping to start something up at the beginning of August.  Is this not possible? 

i'm sure it's possible one way or another ..the best thing to do is call the ministry of commerce and ask them. they are nice people..

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I had no idea the registration was so restricted, monitored and complicated.
I too, am interested in a new business venture and would consider partnering with the right person(s). I am a few months away  from returning, so I will follow the blog.
I hope that I can connect with the bloggers when I get back to PP.
Thanks for all the great info.


If you need right partner , we can talk. We are Cambodian and running Forex company in Phnom Penh. If you want to do business in Cambodia, you need Cambodia partner to help you register, it easier and more efficient.
Thank you
My skype: joeytrankl
Email: ***

Im from Australia been living here for 3 years its the huge bribes you have to pay everyone you see that makes things hard

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I am both delighted and surprised at the level of interest to this posting. Having built a company over 30 years in the U.K. before it's sale in 2015 I would very much light to hear from people of who wish to venture into this area. I currently live in thailand with my fiancé and have been considering researching Cambodia and possible relocating there. I am not looking at a large capital investment just want to take a concept, create a company and grow it. I do not have the answer as to what exactly, but do feel that 30 years experience at the top management level would be of assistance to any partner(s).

I work with a company that provides professional advice to those who wants to set up their business here in Cambodia. My Director is also from the UK, living in Phnom Penh. Feel free to inquire when you arrive in PP.

Dear  Expats.
  To  do  your  register  commerce is  simple .just  get  to  Min of Commerce  as  them  to help  to  to get  it,
   that  be  a real  cost  , but  faster, reliable .gain time . every  thing  will be  done  in two weeks, then  u get  temporize .paper  . event  tax  ,
   Then  U can start  right  away,
   so  simple  like  that, I   has  do it  previously   last  year.
   enjoy  your  stay  in here,
   Sincerely .
   Robert  SAM

Please do let me know if you need business partner in PP. Thanks

Hello, i have opened a Creperie in Battambang, it is not that difficult.

I am interested in doing something there too.
I lived in Cambodia during 2014/15 .
What are your ideas?

hi   THERE  .
I  Get some  ideas  to start  up  some  small business . its better  we  gather all expats  wanna  do it. get a meeting  to get her . somewhere  cafe or restaurant  get  lunch or beer.
  Discuss  this matter  multiculously .
    where each  other  express  & expose  their idea  ?  develop  it . define it. usually  that  ist  a  Must  for  every  one?
      Looking  forward  to hear&  discuss  all of  ya  soon,

Hey michael, you can also call me michael  :D , i would love to meet up, i was actualy lucky on my road and end up running a small business at the moment, but without friends and contacts its very hard to grow, would love to have coffe at browns or starbucks and share insights and become friends in this wonderful country

Hi guys, im also interested in settling in Cambodia for a few years and start a small business.  Perhaps if we make a group effort in terms of ideas and resources; we could come up with something useful for everyone. 

I should be physically in PP by next week.  But in the mean time feel free contact me via PM if you're organizing a meeting.

Professionally speaking im an HR manager but i also have vast experience in international commerce and trade. 


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You still help partner for new business?

Yes  I need a partner for clothing stock business from factories.

What can we do?

I would love that also! I hope we can make that happen one day soon!!   :)

Dear sir
I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Piseth and I am 28 years Cambodian citizen.
currently I am living and working for a private company in Phnom Penh.
recently I saw that you are looking for a business partner that would be the convenient for your business in Cambodia. as I am now working on Education sector as English school in Phnom Penh. Cambodia to teach English and some other soft and hard skills to many young Cambodian youths.


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