Cost of a Nanny in Phnom Penh

I am after  information regarding  employing a nanny/housekeeper as my wife is expecting her first child.

What l need to know approx cost on a monthly basis- probably be for 3-6 months period.

Terms of reference : Is it an employment contract or verbal agreement.


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It is depending I work for you it is part time or full time, actually full time ( 8am to 5pm) babysitter only i can make 250$ to 300$ not including over time. part time 4 hour a day in the morning or in the afternoon i can make 150$ to 200$.

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You don't need a formal employment contract for nannies and housekeepers. Those jobs are not covered under the labour law.

Speaking of cost, that very much depends...

$130 is normal monthly salary (40 hours per week). $160 is a generous salary for someone with some years of experience and a good reference.

Now you will frequently encounter job seekers who will ask for double that amount or even more.
Give thanks to WHO, UN, and the embassies, who pay those rates for their employees to cover housekeeping cost without ever questioning whether that's an adequate compensation. Once employed under such contract, a housekeeper will not accept less pay for any future contracts...

For comparison, garment factory workers usually get $128 per month and work 48 hours per week.

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For Khmer speaking only nanny, the rate can be below $150/month.  If you want a quality nanny who speaks decent English, the rate starts at $250/month, in general.

Here is a posting from another group on this topics.


What [deleted] wrote should be the accepted answer for when this question comes up again. Pay what you need to pay to secure the skill set you require. Pay what you want to pay to satisfy your own moral beliefs.


[Deleted]…. You are comparing apples to oranges.

Cambodian nanny’s working for Cambodian families can earn between $80 - $150/month… depend on how rich the Cambodian is.

HOWEVER… the expectation of this nanny is very low. They don’t need to speak English. They don’t need any skills in child rearing. The don’t need to meet any of the high standards set by foreigners. These nanny’s, earning this income, WOULD NEVER be employed by a foreigner because their skill set is MUCH LESS.

A nanny employed by a foreigner needs to be able to speak English.. understand the basics of teaching skills…. Needs to be a role model to the child in keeping with the expectations of the foreign parents (no village-sourced nanny can do this), and they need to understand and meet all the expectations set by foreigners… which are MUCH higher than those set by local Cambodians.

The reason foreign nannys get a higher salary is because they know how to deal with foreign children and foreign parents. NOT because of a false economy like you are suggesting.

My wife is Cambodian and I am a complete tight ass. We could hire a $80/month nanny to look after our children no problem…every day of the week…. and she would wash bottles and change dirty nappies and even clean the house. But SHE WOULDN’T meet all the other requirements that I set for the optimal development of my children during their early life… and for that… I HAVE TO pay more. I need someone with experience dealing with foreigners, and someone who understands more than Cambodian life.

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My wife is a Phillipino looking for a job like this in P.P.  Get back to me if you need a nanny? Thanks, Neil Snyder ***

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Are you an Nanny ?
Are you living in Phnom Penh ?

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The last post is 2.5 years old and that person has not been on the forum for 2 years, so you probably won't get an answer.

Go to the jobs section here and post your job offer.

You can also google nanny services in Phnom Penh, plenty of possibilities.

Good luck.

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