License-plate for motorbike

I'm considering buying a new motorbike and I asked the saleslady how to obtain a licenseplate for this new bike, but she could not give me an answer...
What are the requirements to get one, where do I get it, how much is it? Things like that...
Can any of you help me?

Many thanks in advance!


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Is it a new bike or second hand? If you buy a new scooter from an actual Honda or Yamaha shop, they'll give licence plate themselves. If it's a second hand and no licence plate, then it was probably stolen in Thailand and smuggled here. All legal vehicles sold come with a licence plate - meaning the import tax has been paid.

If you a buy a new motorbike, It should comes with an import tax document. U can bring the bike, tax paper, and Identification card to the office of ministry of transportation. It locates on street 211 in Phnom Pehn.

Thanks Celeste and Dem DK for your answers, all has been arranged now, including a visit to the very messy office on 211 st. I have the plate and the registration card will follow soon, I've been told..

Per my experience, you should call the person who take care your registration or go there to take your registration card in 2 weeks. Normally, they dont contact you and you have to re-apply  if you dont pick up your card in 3 months.

I'm Cambodian, so If you have any other questions, I'm happy to help if I know the answer.

Hi Dem DK,

They told me when the plate was fixed to the bike, it would take 20 days for the card to be ready:
I put a reminder in my phone. Many thanks again!!!

ask for were they license cars,i think every country have similer rules when u have to do that

Hello there, first post here so go easy on me but I'm teaching English in siem reap and have a seen a few honda mopeds  on road 6 some (in fact a lot) don't have number plates with them? Is this a sure sign to stay away ? I have seen a really cool one and bartered down to 350 but the number plate and reading this post has made me slightly cautious.. I was told that a number plate cost around 20$ ? Any thoughts? 

Thanks for any help you can give :)



Previous post is correct, no plate usually = no tax paid. The taxes can be several hundred dollars depending on the bike.
About 2 years ago there was an amnesty for all bikes with no plates to license them with the threat that if you didn't take advantage of it they would never allow it.  I have heard people say they have been refused but seems to vary from city to city.

No plates= don't buy.

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