How would be life for Indian in Arusha (Tanzania)

Hi Friends,

This is Srini form Hyderabad India - I am offered a job in Sales and marketing with Salary of 2000 USD @ Arusha .

Please advise me on the following

Cost of Living - For bachelor
Security  for life
Social Life
Indian population
Acceptance in the Market
IT Awareness
New Technology acceptance
Internet and cell facilities
Last but not least entertainment.



hi srini arusha is a very nice place to live there is good weather and the cost is not very high as for your monthly package you can accommodate any place you want The tech and wat ever IT staff you want is available here..there a lot of Indians too  in fact as for the cities in Tanzania arusha has many Indians than any you wont walk a distance without spotting your brothers and sisters (your fellow Indians)...anyways to make this short arusha is a nice place you will enjoy your stay

hi shanj4
are in arusha
am plannin to move .kindly guide me

@iyertanjore -> I think you should start a new thread with your questions on the Tanzania forum. :)

Thank you,

Hi Sriniu,am sai from Hyderabad. Are u in Arusha now?
If yes could you please help me out on this queries.I got a job offer in Arusha-(Esso Road Near Arusha Arts) as Sales Manager. I would like to know how is the place, is there any security we have. How is the coast of living my company providing me Travelling & Accomidation benifits. I need to bare my food charges, so what would be our food charges per month approximately. My salary is 1250$ per month.