Cost of Living in Arusha?

Warm greetings fellow expats! 

I will be moving to Arusha for 9+ months, and I am really looking forward to my time and work there. 

I will begin the process of negotiating my salary in the next few days.  Can anyone give me advice regarding the approximate total monthly cost of living alone comfortably in Arusha?  ("Total monthly cost" includes every cost incurred in a typical month, e.g. rent, utilities, decent health insurance, food, entertainment, additional costs). $4,000? $7,000? More? Less?

As I know this varies depending on needs, preferences and lifestyle, even a range of monthly costs would be helpful if pinpointing one number is tricky. 

Thanks in advance for any estimates you can share with me. I appreciate the guidance, and I look forward to contributing to this forum in the future by providing information to other expats once I arrive in Arusha.

Have a wonderful day!

Hi and welcome to the forum Arusha!

I hope other members will provide you with some helpful advices soon ;)


Hi there,

Send me your email to [email protected] and I can send you something that I have already written up about cost of living. It might give you an idea.