Quality Group- Tanzania- Expat Working conditions

Dear Members,

I have been recently offered a job in Quality Group Tanzania.
This is my 1st venture out of india and I do not anything. I have been offered a Annual pay of USD 50000 (inclusive of India Savings), Accommodation, tax (Co. to manage), Health, company car, india travel 2 times a year.

Could you pls guide me on this offer and also little about the company. Is this a good deal for me. I am married (one Child). I  will move with my wife. How's life in tanzania? What about the company and its reputation. Does this company engage in employee harassment and frauds ?

There is nothing wrong with the company and its activities. The owner is a guy who took his fathers legacy to a different level. He has employed many expats to protect his interest and activities. If you are being offered USD 50,000 per annum and with other benefits it means you are sitting on the very top level. The guy who interviewed must have seen something in you which would suit for the company's purpose. Its like a sea....sometimes calm and sometimes very rough. You should know how to cruise through the rough waves and external winds.

Good luck!


Please do not generalize when you post here.
You need to supply information as to why you have come to this negative conclusion.

Hello Guys,
I got an opportunity to work with Quality Group of Tanzania as a Cashier,
They have forwarded their form to fill it up for the post of Cashier through Recruiting Agency Achyutam International from Delhi.
Kindly suggest and advise me in this regard.
Shall I attend interview for this company or not.
Because when I went through these discussions in the forum I was a little bit shocked by the experiences and hurdles gone through by the employees.
Throw some light and en light me.