Is there any one Working for Below $1000

Dear All

How many are working for Below $1000 Compensation (Savings)

in TZ from India, let me know please

if it is there any one please let me know,
so that i can take my decision regarding coming to TZ

Thanking you


Rudresh G

any one pleas let me know regarding this

its very emergency and needed information

Hi Rudresh, your post is still new!

Just give time to other members to see it.;)


am not getting what your saying

Rudresh, I would be surprised if you are to get a response on this. You are asking people to reveal their salaries to you so that you can decide on whether or not you should take a job in Tanzania, knowing how sensitive people get about their salaries! Try rephrasing your question, you might get the information you seek.

Maybe you're right angycharms!;)

Don't accept anything below $1000