Estimate cost of living

Dear all,

I would like to know the cost of living in Dar Es Salaam for a bachelor which includes rent, food, internet, telephone, water, electricity.....

I would also like to know how much would I be able to save from a salary package of 2500USD. I have not been offered food or accomodation by the employer.

Kindly someone help me by giving a clear picture of how much I would be able to save before I move there for the above offer. Looking forward for the guidance.

Thanks in advance.

Hello myself i stay in upanga a fully nicely furnished 3bed its costing 1900 dollars a month excluding electricity and internate.
also note; rentals usually are paid 6-12 months as a lampsum.
Good luck.

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Cost of living is quite high in Dar es Salaam as compare to India. Please keep that in mind. Further, it depends what kind of lifestyle you have. Everything including groceries are expensive here. Accommodation could vary from area to area and anything beyond Usd 1000 per month,

Thank you Saurabh for the response

Dar is expensive compared ti India. For cost of living try

Hello Everybody,
I want to know cost of living in Tanzania as an expat. How much money need for 1 month food, mobile recharge ( talktime + internet), transport, electricity, TV recharge and another things.
Please try to tell me in Tanzanian currency.

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Well, Dar is not that expensive maybe for exparts. The price of accommodation vary from place to place, but when u rent as expert it can be a bit expensive. For the salary of $2500 u can live good and save some money.

Try for living costs