Cost of living in Tanzania

Dear Mr.MU,

Thanks for your advices & suggestions which are very useful & informative guidance whoever moving to Tanzania.

I have an offer for work in TANZANIA with the below package with family of 2 (myself+ my spouse).

The package they are offering is $2500 pay(Inclusive of local
exp) + Accomodation + 2 Tickets per annum + Medical Insurance + Visa+ Taxation etc.,

01. Pls adv is it sufficient to save some amount during my
     tenure in Tanzania. How much I can save per month.

02. Also, kindly advice abt the company, UMOJA AUDIOVISUAL (E.A)
    LTD Plot no.10, Gerezani/ Industrial Area,Nyerere Road (Opp
    Shoprite Kamata), Dar.

This company is introduced by my Friend who is working in Negeria. In his Nigerian company, there are 3 partners( all are Indians) and one of them is running this Umoja Audio Visual with 3 Tanzanians. So, on their request only he suggested me for this Accountant job. Eventhen, I want to know suggestions abt the company from u, as u r being in TZ.

Your early suggestions will help me to take decisions.


Hi Darlingdoll,

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I wish you good luck in your search.
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Dear Mr.MU,
I have been offered a job by M/s Advent constructions. Could you get me the profile/ goodwill of the company?

Advent Construction is a highly reputed contruction company of Tanzania.

Just close your eyes and work there, you won't regret.

Dear Mr.India2africa,

Pls advice on my request not replied by Mr.MU. and oblige.


Recently have been offered a job with Nadaka Group of Companies at Mwanza.Please Could you get me the profile/ goodwill of the company?They are offering around 190000.00 TZS as allowances other than accommodation,fuel,electricity,medical and transport.Would it be sufficient?I will be staying as single.