Cheapest cities in Tanzania

Hello everyone,

Budget is an important consideration when moving to Tanzania. Ideally, expats would settle down in a city in Tanzania where the cost of living is low but where they could also enjoy a decent quality of life. Would you be able to give a few tips to someone planning a move to Tanzania by answering the questions below?

What are the cheapest cities in Tanzania?

Why are they cheap? What singles them out as a city where the cost of living is low?

What is the average budget for one person living in these cities?

Is it easy to find a job as an expat in these cities? What is the overall quality of life like?

Are they expat friendly? Would you recommend these cities to someone looking to settle in Tanzania?

Please share your experience,


Hello Bhavna,

I hope you will see my reply as I am also interested in finding out the same as what you've asked.

I'm thinking of moving abroad from England and Tanzania seems to appeal in various ways and hence I was also looking for the cheapest places to consider.

Please kindly do share /post any you have managed to find.

Thank you.


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