New members of the Tanzania forum, introduce yourselves here - 2023

Hi all,

Newbie on the Tanzania forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country,
or to tell us more on your expat projects in Tanzania if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

I am an IT expert with over 20 years of experience in the industry. I am a generalist and have the ability to quickly recognise and understand complex contexts. I am proficient in object oriented programming in various languages and have experience in Linux and Windows system administration. I also have extensive knowledge of agile methods and enjoy working in teams to ensure projects run smoothly and successfully. I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to improve my skills and expand my knowledge.

Hello everyone

I'm from Serbia, medical worker.

Planing to move to Tz and hoping to meet people here willing to share experience, get some advices and try to build some friendships. Feel free to contact me

Your welcome 😊

Hello everyone,

Welcome on board !

Feel free to open your own topic on the Tanzania forum to interact with members.

All the very best


Dear Greetings of the Day.

My experience in the restaurant industry, formidable management skills, business acumen, and dynamic nature make me a perfect fit for the job. I believe I would be a valuable addition to your team.

I am passionate about creating great dining experiences and excel in training and managing teams to deliver excellent customer service. Several years of experience as a restaurant Operations manager have allowed me to develop a broad skill set, from excellent customer service and people management skills to strong budgeting, business development, and marketing skills.

I am excited to be applying for this position with you and for the opportunity to apply my know-how, positive energy, and restaurant management abilities to oversee the efficient running of your restaurant, increase profitability, and ensure staff and customer satisfaction. I would feel privileged to be a member of your team.

Please find attached my resume which contains a detailed account of my experience, and competencies. Feel free to contact me directly should you require anything further.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss this position in more detail.


Vigneshwar Tholar

Hello Vigneshwar,

Welcome to!

Kindly note that is not a job agency.

If you are looking for a job, I advise you to add your CV in the Jobs in Tanzania section.

All the best,

Yoginee team

Hi everyone.

I'm a Tanzanian national working in the media Industry as a Swahili English Translator and a Copy writer on advertisements, commercials and ads for radio and TV. I speak English Swahili and Masaai and also a very good google translate user.

I have a passion in assisting newly moving experts to our lovely country especially on language and translation issues. Feel free to check me out anytime.

Here is my website for contacts and stuff - *** and here is my*** [Please register your services in the Business directory]


Hi everyone,

My name is Anastasia and I've recently moved to Dar es Salaam. Are there any events happening around to meet up and get to know new people? :)

Hello AnatasiaMa,

Welcome on board !

Feel free to check the Events in Tanzania section from time to time to know about future events.

All the best



I'm new and thinking of moving to Tanzania as well.

Currently living in the US

Hello Jacqueline Adamson,

Welcome to 1f601.svg

Something specific you would like to do here?

Work, study retire?

Feel free to tell us more and also to ask your questions if any.


Cheryl team



Florian Happygod is my name, I am an IT over 3 years now. I currently living in Arusha, one of the most tourist cities in Tanzania. The plessure is all mine to welcome you to Arusha.

Welcome to Arusha


Annicka here from Mauritius island, recently back from a visit in Zanzibar,  thinking of moving/staying in Zanzibar for longer periods of time and would be grateful on some information  living and options of work etc.  Im a  costumierstylist/ also working in set decor  since a few years now.   



Contact me on WhatsApp *****

Email [link under review]1f600.svg

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@Julien Hello, my name is Harry and I came from the US back in August 2021 but I haven't been consistently living in Tanzania until last October. I am 32 years old, a graphic designer for over 5 years, photographer for about 15 years and filmmaker for 5 years, looking to use my skillsets full time here. I was in the medical insurance and hospitality as a marketing expert most of my life in the US but I am currently in a dying need for aa more fulfilling life as a creative - hence, my trip to Tanzania. I am looking forward to connect with more expats.

Hello and welcome on board, Harry !

Should you have any question, feel free to ask members or open a new thread.

May I ask whether you will be looking for a job or perhaps setting up your own business ?

All the very best


@Slobodan Damjanovic welcome

@Julien hi am mercy mwikali .

From kenya .

Am a community health nurse .

Looking forward to get a job there and have good experience with you.

@mercyndaka00 Welcome on board !

Could you please create your CV in the Jobs in Tanzania section of the website ?

Thank you in advance


Hello, Good People from Tanzania,

I am Q.R. Abrar, a Bangladeshi citizen, working in an HR & software company as a BDM currently living in Douala Cameroon.

I am transferred to Tanzania Office and hoping to move to Dar Es Salaam month of May 2023.

I am excited to meet you all and learn from you about Tanzanian culture.

I will be glad if anyone connects me with any Bangladeshi in Tanzania as I don't know anybody from my country there.

Last but not the least, I am a traveler enthusiastic so let me know if you know any nonprofit group in Tanzania with whom I can share costs & travel.

Thank you all,


@Florian Happygod HI Florian,

I'm Swiss, planning to move to Arusha and I would like to ask you some questions...




Am a Kenyan sustainable fashion designer and will be in Arusha from 22nd of this month.

I will also be at FESTAC Africa festival.

Am a partner and creative director of TOMOLLO FASHIONS a Kenyan/Irish brand based in Kenya and Ireland.

I would like to connect and welcome to Festac Africa. I will also be showcasing on 24th at AICC.

Hi. I'm Mark. I'm a retired fashion photographer and technologist (photoshop developer, plug-ins, commercial web design) and college teacher from Los Angeles, California, USA. Considering moving to Tanzania or similar place near the sea in the next year or so

Hello everyone

I'm from Belgium, a Retailer.

Planing to move to Tz and hoping to meet people here willing to share experience, get some advice and try to build some friendships. Feel free to contact me

Hello and welcome Sameershaikh1986,

For a good start, I would recommend that you read the articles of the Living in Tanzania guide for expats and open your own topic on the Tanzania forum to post your questions.

All the best




I am Philemon Kusaga From Tanzania

Kindly You're all welcome to Tanzania Arusha-Moshi Kilimanjaro

For Any Questions About Arusha or other places In Tanzania I will be there to help you..

Hello everyone,

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For those seeking a job, kindly create your CV in the below section:

Jobs in Tanzania


Cheryl team

Hello my name is Maggy, I am Tanzanian leaving in Dar es salaam.***

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@AnastasiaMa Hello Anastasia welcome to Tanzania

Hello my name is Maggy, I am Tanzanian leaving in Dar es salaam.***
-@Maggy Real Estate

Hello Maggy,

Kindly register your company in the Tanzania business directory as advertising is not allowed on the forum. 1f601.svg

Thank you,

Cheryl team

@Slobodan Damjanovic

Hello Slobodan Damjanovic,

Greetings from Tanzania! The weather in this region is pleasant, and the locals are known for their kind-heartedness. As a lawyer based in Arusha, I would be delighted to engage with you and exchange experiences. Feel free to connect with me anytime for further information.

@AnastasiaMa your welcome am Lyimo from Dar es salaam, Tanzania. You're welcome, Feel free to ask anything


I'm Riyaz QA QC Lab technician.

Last time I'm working lake group Tanzania mikhochini& ilala SGR project yapi markazi .I need job quality control Lab technician contractions


Hi Julien and all members.

I am Ajit Salunkhe from India and currently in Dar es Salaam to visit my son who is Consultant Pulmonologist working since last one year.

I am M.E. in Mechanical Engineering and worked in India for 22 years as Academic Specialist in Physics and Maths.

I came here for first time only.

I liked this city and culture very much.

If possible  , I wish to join somewhere here as Physics/Math Teacher in private or public institute.

I am here till 12th Aug 2023.

It is a sudden idea in my mind to work and stay here with my son !

I have  applied on the site of jobs in Tanzania yesterday only when I joined this forum.

If anyone knows about any such vacancy  here as Neet/ Specialist for Medical/IIT entrance exams in India  or Physics /MathTutoring needed , please tell me asap so that I may actually visit the place and do the needful.


Ajit Salunkhe

@sameershaikh1986 You are welcome

@Quazi Ruhul Abrar You are welcome

@Slobodan Damjanovic welcome

Hello thanks for welcoming my name is Adelika from Tanzania i study Hotel management I hope to meet new people.

@Adelika Kapugi Welcome on board !

Hope you find some contacts soon.

Feel free to participate on existing threads of the Tanzania forum.

All the best