American Expat to be

Hello everyone!

I am planning to come to Tanzazia and I'm looking for slightly cooler climates and a native advisor
who can show me the insider's perspective of TZ culture and economics. I intend to also keep touch with this for your experiences and insights. It would be great if advisor could travel with and show me things I need to see for my project.



Hi TheBessGuy

Welcome to! :)

I hope get replies very soon.

Thanks grand baie,

I believe that you can't have too much info, you just have to sort it. Between expat experiences and native insights I know that I will be better prepared. I am open too on this matter of an advisor/companion type connection. I know that my adjustment to the culture and customs will need tweaking. Advice anyone?


Hello Thebessguy,
First I personally welcome you to Tanzania, the African land of peace.
We can offer different aspect according to your need,So I would like if you can specify what I can do for you

Many thank and welcome