Looking to meet people in Morogoro area

Hi, I have been living in Morogoro for a year but not made much effort to meet new people so would really like to make an effort to now!

If you are in or around the Morogoro area then please get in touch. I work for an NGO and travel around the country for work.

Hope to hear from some new people in Tanzania!


Hi, I am a Indian doctor have option to move to Zanzibar (Corporate Hospital) or Dar es Salaam (NGO). Can please help me to choose.

Hi Hazel,

Happy New year !

My Name is Siddarjaj Krishna heading the sales and marketing of Food and beverage company for Tanzania based in Dar Es' Salaam.
It is pleasure to meet and share as I am frequently visiting Morogoro.

If it not a problem for you, Please share your number, we will keep in touch


Hi ,

Zanzibar is a good place with traditional Arab culture with tourist heritage.

Need any help in Zanzibar, please do call me as I have friends working there