Cost of living in Tanzania

Dear all,

I have an offer for work in TANZANIA with the below package with family of 2 (myself+ my spouse).

the package we are thinking is $2500 pay(Inclusive of local
exp) + Accomodation + 2 Tickets per annum + Medical Insurance + Visa

Pls adv is it sufficient to save some amount during my tenure in Tanzania. How much I can save per month.

Your early suggestions will help me to take decisions.


Hi Rmadxb1,

I would also suggest you to have a look at other threads concerning the Cost of living in Tanzania on the Tanzania forum.

Dear Mam,

Thanks for your response. I can't find the latest cost of living. All are old one. So, I can't ascertain the reality.


Hi Ramdxb1,

Cost of living can be difficult to say. It depends on your current living standard, what part of Tanzania you are going to be living in, (Arusha and Dar, more expensive) How often you go out to eat? If you have to pay housing, security, car fuel  things like that. $2500 + employer pays for housing, for 2 people sounds pretty good. But not sure how much you would save.


Dear Bonnie,

Thanks for your kind adv. The accomodation is at Dar and it is provided by company.So, I think the cliving cost will be less.

Also, pls adv is there any Incometax payable on Salary + perks?

If so, what is the percentage?


I have no idea about Taxes. You can try finding the information you need on the Tanzania Revenue Authority website. Click here to go to their website Tanzania Revenue Authority Website

Hi Bonnie,

Thanks for your immediate response. R u not paying any tax in TZ?.


Our income is not within Tanzania, we are missionaries.

Hi Sister Bonnie,

Thanks for ur updation. At last, my employer accepted to bear the
Income Tax liability by themself. So, all doubts are now clear.
Soon I wl be in Dar with my wife. If time permits lets meet there.

This is my  personal id: [email protected]
If u r interested, we shall discuss soon in our personal id.


Dear ramdxb1,
My name is Ehab ,i'm a doctor and adminstrator of coptic medical center. i'm living in musoma , mara. let me tell you about some running costs of living here in Tanzania.
1- Food :
   Meat: 1 kg=3 usd
   Chicken: 1=5 usd
   rice: 1kg= 1-1.5 usd
   flour : 1kg=1-1.5usd
   Vegetable oil : alot of brands but average 5 liters= 13-18 usd
   drinking water : 1.5 liter= 0.5 usd
   fruits is very cheap like 1 pineapple fruit is 1 usd, 10 bananas is 1 usd and so on.

2- Fuel expenses : if you will buy a car you have to know that 1 liter of petrol is about 1.3 usd , and if you are going to use a taxi you have to know that it's a little bit expensive as for an example the drive from the airport to the city center (dar es salaam) samora ave for ex. (12 km ,20-30 minutes) costs 20-25 usd.
to buy a car , you have to put a budget of 10,000 usd for a 4x4 wheels or 6-7 thousand usd for a sedan, there is cheaper cars, but i'm talking about the good ones. don't buy cars used locally in tanzania, only buy imported used cars from japan which you will be the first one to use it in tanzania.

3- Expenses of entertainment:
actually there is no much to do in tanzania, but let me give you some examples , to go for a day use in one of the beach places over the ocean in dar es salaam , for a very good resort you can make between 100-150 usd for both you and your wife without food. there is some cheaper places ranges between 40-60 usd.
to go and have nice dinner in one of the nice indian restaurants in dar es salaam or Chinese cuisine , it might cost you 30-40 usd for both you and your wife.
you can travel to arusha , mwanza(cheaper than arusha) and relax there for a while, and it will not cost much.

Good Clothes is expensive here in tanzania. so i think the best is to bring yours with you.

that's all i can say, if you want to know further details about anything , please don't hesitate to ask, wish you the best.

Dear Mr.Ehab,

Thank you very much for your kind adv. I wl do as per suggestions. Lets hv meet if tije permits soon in Tanzania.

How is the distance to Dar from musoma , mara.
U r from India? If yes, which part?

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If u r interested, we shall discuss more in our personal id.


Hi Ram

Nice to read your thread. I am in chennai 08939170853- [email protected], Pls contact me in this.

Dear Dr.Ehab

Could you please write about internet monthly cost (unlimited data download at home pc)in Dares salama and in Morogoro please.

Hi ramji,

Thanks for contact. Pls check ur inbox formy contact details.


Dear Dr.Ehab,

Further, I am Diabetic & taking below medicines now in India.

+ insulin syringe.

Now the Doctor has changed to take BASALOG 100mg INSULIN instead of HUMAN MIXTARD INSULIN.

Could u pls advice whether the above medicines are available in Dar,Tanzania and how much are their cost.

I hope that you adv will be very much helpful for me to plan accordingly to bring them sufficiently from India.


Dear Ram,
sorry for not replying your post fast, but i was so busy at that time.
I'm not indian , I'm Egyptian, but i have a lot of Indian friends.
ok, Musoma is so far from dar es salaam it's like 2 hours flight, actually it's a small town , but it has an airport.
i wish we could meet when you come to tanzania.

for your medication, very good you asked about it:
my freind please bring all the medication you use with you
tanzania is lacking a lot of medicine and if you could  hardly find it , it'll be very expensive compared to india.
For my family, i bring most of our medicine for my baby as stock for 6 months.
human mixtard is available with all concentrations
Zaart "losartan potassium" is available
piopod an ineuron are not easy to find
BASALOG 100mg INSULIN i'm not sure if it's available

so my advice is to bring all your medicine with you as a stock.
you might have some questions at the airport because sometime they don't allow alot of medicine to get in, so make sure that you have a meical report from your doctor in india saying that you are using this medicine for daily for long term (life time) which is very important for you.

best regards

dear yahooramji,

internet cost is like 130 usd for unlimited internet access with 2 mega speed dsl company called (TTCL) , there is a slower subscribtion for 70 usd, but beleive me the faster one is already slow :)

Thanks Dr.Ehab for the internet related information.

How is Morogoro town, do Indians and other expats live there. How is that place. Please advise

Morogoro is a nice town, and Indians are living there, because indians are living everywhere my friend :)
Morogoro is about 200 km from dar essalaam, it's a small town but it has somwhere to hang out when you need.

Dear Ram,

How is your experience been in Tanzania. I am also coming soon.

I've the same questions which you had initially.