Need Advice for Work in Tanzania?

I got a offer from Spanish Tiles Company (Arusha) in Tanzania. They told me 800-1200 Us dollars & Bachelors Shared Accommodation,Shared Transportation,Water and Electricity bills,Mobile reimbursement,Insurance and medical for self,Air passage once in 2 years with paid leave.
Its Good for me i am a Diploma Civil Engineer, Work safety is good for Tanzania (Ebola)
Already my oman Visa is on Process Salary(650 us dollars).

Dear Deepak,

Congrats on your new Job!

- USD 1200 + Accommodation + Medical + Other benefits is a decent salary for a bachelor, For married may be 400 + may be just sufficient.

- Local salary was not mentioned in your details, Which i believe should be USD 200, its just sufficient.

- For risk of Ebola, India and Tanzania are at nearly same.

- 2 years return to home country is harsh, good companies here in Arusha are giving 1 year return (at employee cost)

- Cost of living here is comparatively high for expats

Eg: Cost of Apple (For just a comparison, this is subject to many other factors, like what market you chose and how quickly you learn local language)

India - Rs. 10
Indian in Tanzania - Rs. 14
Tanzanian in Tanzania - Rs. 8

- About people - people here was very warm and friendly. You have to take normal safety measures as you need to take as in other country. Vegetables and Fruits are fresh you will enjoy.

- Temperature in Arusha rarely crosses 28 degree and City and whether is beautiful.

I took my own time to write my suggestions :):):):) .... I was in your shoes 6 months back.

Hope this helps,


Thanks a lot your precious reply  Mr.Rajesh. I will do accordingly.


I live in Tanzania for the last 3 years as a country head for renewed FMCG organization.

Arusha is a cool nice place to live. but the salary what they have offered is very low. with 4 years of experience after Engineering you should get at least 1500 savings along with  accommodation with transport.


Krishna Urs
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Hi I am planning to move to Arusha Tanzania.
Can anybody tell what is the security situation in Arusha meaning crime status.
i had lived in Nairobi for about 6 yrs and situation was bad. I am now in addis and is a very safe.

i am also curious about Arusha. by the way i ll be there last week of july. if u contact witm me there, it ll be nice

Can anyone guide me? I am planning to move to Uae but one of my friend recommended Tanzania? Can I bother you ask that will it be helpful to go their n find for a job? Because I have been offered with a job in Dubai? But Africa is better than middle east in weather..can u guide me it will be a pleasure.

Feroze khan

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