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I am looking to bag a project contract from Nepal govt. pharma co. But following the contract condition either I have to register My co. in Nepal or have a consortium executed with a Nepal origin co. Left out time is only a week. Please advice.



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Hello Bipin,

Realistically, I think you are too late and out of luck. I don't think your plans will work for this project. Also you're kind of in the wrong place for asking.

Let me explain myself:
Registering your company in Nepal would take a lot of time, much more then the week you say you have. There is a lot of red tape involved, and even a good corporate lawyer would be very hard pressed to get all this done in such a short time frame. That is, after you have established a working relationship with said lawyer, and paid him his retainer...

Asking in this forum for partners in a consortium is also not the right way to go. Most business owners who read this forum are foreigners themselves, and are operating their businesses under a lot of restrictions. There are many things a foreigner cannot do with his company in Nepal that a Nepalese businessman could. For such a consortium, you are looking for Nepalese business men. You might try some Nepal related business group on LinkedIn, that might work for you..?

If you want to establish your business presence in Nepal, then that might be a good way for the next business opportunity. If you're looking for a good corporate lawyer, then I can tell you I am happy with the lawyer who helped me establishing my company. He did a good job on that. He might be able to help you, or if he is too busy he might be able to refer you to a friend he knows capable and trustworthy. PM me if you want his contact details.

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HI Bipin,

I know I am late in replying, but for the future if you are looking for a nepali business partner, we can collaborate.

Do let me know


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