Heating Systems in Nepal

Does anyone know if there are any companies in Nepal that offer any kind of centralized heating systems for installation in one's home? If so, what type, cost and company name or make?
Reason I ask is that I am not so keen on having to use those small individual gas or electric heaters in every room type of thing when temperatures really go down in cold winter months, and one has small children to keep warm specially at night.
Appreciate having input with installers name and other details.

The construction doesn't allow for central air because there is no insulation-just concrete and brick. However, there are condos in Kathmandu with the heater/AC units you install above the windows, still room heaters but not bottles of petrol.

I inquired about one and was told they can be found for around $600 a month furnished. They are lovely with a swimming pool and exercise room. These are fairly easy to find in Kathmandu. If you want to live outside the city it will be harder to find something already set up like that. It's best to join some Nepal groups on Facebook. There are several groups that post rentals.

Indeed houses here are in general poorly equiped for any kind of central heating. I have looked into this before and could not find any proper solution for heating my office or house, and eventually resorted to placing individual gas or electric heating units in each room.

But because of your question I searched again, and I did find some companies in Nepal which seem of offer some kind of solutions. I have no experience with any of these, but maybe you can contact them and post your experiences back here?


Thank you all so much for your good input. Really appreciate it. To-date, I haven't come across any centralized heating in residences, offices or schools where I could enter my kids,  which have it. Obviously I'll keep on searching on the home front following up any and all possible leads, to find ways to survive winters in this country.

I think that a minisplit can be bought there as I have seen them occasionally for heat and AC. I don't like the cold but it is pretty temperate in Kathmandu or you go towards Chitwan and it gets downright hot :)

The issue with this is multiple..
1- no gas piped in anywhere in the country
2- you need really big bottles to heat the entire house and the roads won't allow delivery generally of say a 500 gallon tank and then the houses are not built for that and where would you put it?
3- Even if you got it there then you are going to a. need to refill it and b. plumb for it from unit to unit.
4- Houses are not built with heat in mind.

Now with the electrical working most of the time and  if you are there long term and maybe own your own home you could pay for in floor heating that was electric and would be placed under the tile. You would need to source that from either india or china (https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?ca … or+heating)

Then you still have the issue with installation unless you can do it yourself.. But you can google that and it isn't really that hard.

This is the biggest annoyance for me living in Nepal. No one closes the doors in the wintertime. Even if you do have a heating source there is no insulation in the homes, so when they open the doors you lose all the heat in the house and it's literally colder than outside.
I took an entire building to cope and put hydraulic door closers on the entrance and top doors. Then I put notices to please keep the doors closed until 10 am. This really helped. Trying to heat an entire home would be very costly if you cannot control the doors. If you live in a crowded part of the Valley you may not even have many windows or sunshine. Taking a home in the countryside is often much more comfortable-but then there's the issue with the roads. Another story.

I think, now we need to introduce the Korean Technology for floor heating system through hot water circulation under the floor. It's good.