Finding job, tips for living in Nepal

Hi !
I would like to ask some questions about working and living in Nepal. I live in Croatia but would like to move to Nepal. I am engineer of biology-ecology and in few months I will have papers for teaching. i would like to find job as a teacher. I will appreciate informations about finding job, tips for living there. Thanks

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I wish you good luck

Hi there!
I am from Nepal but I am living in Moldova. If you are still considering moving to Nepal, I can give you some contacts. They can try to help you out. You should know that to find a job for a foriegner in Nepal is really difficult. I am not discouraging you, but if you think that you can make big amount of money, you are wrong. I think if you achieve the degree of teaching biology, you can try to apply for a job in some school or college in kathmandu. You will get a salary with what you can live normally accordingly to the expenses there but you will not be able to save money.
Do let me know if you have already decided to move. I would also like to learn why you want to move to Nepal.
Best of luck

Hi proljece,

In my opinion your best chance would be with one of the International Schools in Kathmandu. Although they favour native English speakers, they might not have been able to attract someone with your qualifications and might relax this 'rule' a bit?

There are two International Schools inside Kathmandu valley that I know of (there might be more...), that is The British School and Lincoln College.
Websites: and

Check them out and try. You might get lucky...

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Thank you very much for good informations! I will try to contact schools:)

I was also considering to volunteer. But how to choose good voluntaring organisation? Is it true that in Nepal foreigners couldn`t get job? That it is illegal?
Why I would like to move to Nepal? It is beautiful country.

Thank you for useful informations!

Whether working in Nepal is illegal or not depends on your personal situation. For foreigners that is directly connected to the visa they have in their passports. If it's a tourist visa, then yes, working is illegal. Any kind of working, also volunteering.

Therefore if you want to volunteer you should go through an official organization which would sponsor your for a non-tourist visa, which would allow you to do volunteer work for them. If you want to be employed, then you first find yourself an employer, and have them arrange the proper visa for you.

Finding such an organization will not be easy though, since for Nepalese companies it's hard to get the permission to hire a foreigner. That's also why I was pointing to the International Schools before; they're used to this process since they've gone through it many times already...

Most foreigners who want to stay long-time in Nepal, they start their own company which - with proper investments made (minimum US$ 25.000) - allows them to have a business visa on which they can run their companies and are allowed to stay in Nepal full-time.

Thank you very much for useful informations :)

hi this is divya from Kathmandu.
well wat kinda job of teaching do u want?
I meant that wat can u teach?
if u tell me i can find u one and let u know contact me:


Thanks :)
I can teach biology (currently I work as a teacher), I also worked with pre school kids and in museum. I am interested in voluntary work or work in waldorf school.

best wishes !

yeah sure u can contact me and stay in my house and can u tell me all about urself? where r u from?
well i can manage something for u for sure???

loads of love

divya! will you find something for me too?:)

well sure wud love to i can try...^^
where r u from?


Hi,I am Software Tester from India. I am looking forward to live in Nepal. I have visited nepal and since than i am in love with the country. I love the people and the peice environment thr.. I was interviewed in an software company , and
i was selected, however they have asked me wait to complete the formalities. They have asked me to wait for 6 months. I just wanted to know does it really takes this much time.. or they are trying to ignore.
If possible please suggest me any other IT company where I can try..
Thanks a lot in advance..