Do and don't in Nepal

Are you living in Nepal? We need you to share your experience of the local customs :)

Is it difficult to adjust to the local customs in Nepal?

Could you please share with us a list of the do's and don't's in Nepal?


I would say to be careful how you give to the poor...My first impulse is to give money when they ask but be aware that when you give to one there will be many more who see and you may have a hard time until you get away from the if you give be very discrete about it…many are truly destitute and I tend to give in this case but if they are healthy, young and dressed fairly well I do not give.


Hmm, yes, giving is a personal thing indeed.
I tend to agree on most, but find it really hard to ignore hungry street children. I know giving money doesn't work - it would indeed end up in the pockets of some older youth, and eventually disappear in glue fumes.

But many times some younger kids (say 10 - 15 y/o) will mention they are hungry (hand signs of eating while rubbing their tummies) and I'll take one or two to a nearby nepali style eatery where I'll buy them a dal bhat. Most times while doing so I'll end up with 5 or 10 kids at the eatery, all joining while walking there, but at those times I will only buy for the one or two I took for going there in the first place.

Wise? Un-wise? I don't know, but for half the cost of my own meal I can feed 2 kids so they won't have to sleep hungry that night. It sure eases my mind for what I spend on my own meal while others go hungry...

This is just heartbreaking... I've heard so many stories of "professional beggers", I'm revolted to what they do to children.
And although I am more likely to give, it really depends on the case. In my homeland (Angola), if you give to one kid, suddenly, dozens come from nowhere. If you don't give what they expect, they can even insult you :-/
Strange world we live in...

Thank you, all.  I have much to learn... 
For instance; how many languages are spoken in Nepal?  What is the official language?  Where can I get an inexpensive book on the language(s)?

Do learn the greeting of "namaste" while bowing the head.  Do not expect Nepalese to say "thank you" or "danyabad."