Do Nepali parents abandon their son if they do not marry a Nepali?

im 23yrs old , and have a nepali bf for 5yrs.. we deeply love each other so much ... but im scared , because he is nepali and i am not.. i heard that parents arrangw marriage for their sons and when the son dont obey their parents order , the parents will forget them as their son.. 😢
i love him so much more than anyone in this world , and i dont wanna live life anymore if ever i lose him.. but our situation is bit hard., he loves me so much i feel it everyday , but i dont want him to get hurt if he choses me im afraid his parents might not accept me and they might hate their son forever.. i love him so much ,.. what should i do?? im suffering anxiety because of this situation ,. what should i do? please help me😢😢😢😢😢

First of all, if you give your heart away it isn't likely to turn out well. But that isn't your question.

Being as you are a foreigner it is more likely the parents will accept you because of that status, not less likely. Is he in your country now on a work visa? It isn't usually as bad as it used to be and most parents are proud if their children go overseas and get married. Just send some money home for them and I'm sure they will be supportive for you both.

Hi there,

I am Nepalese & was married to Western & now have girl friend Again western. i never had any issue also my parent's are open, specially my mum doesn't give a shit of what other says. she always says live your life fully.
well it's depends on your Man & his relationship with his parents, family. is the parents are old school?? he needs to be strong & clear with them.

my suggestion would be for you to start involving with them & best is to learn Nepalese & start communicating they love that. also arrange some get together & move your self slowly in. so they start inviting you. it's now & open time we live in so. no need to worry. it has change a lot people's concept.

best wishes **