Kathmandou in March


I am thinking of repatriating. I've been to Kathmandou once before, in October and stayed at the Hyatt Regency for a few days. I know it's not representative of the life that expats lead in Kathmandou. I've decided to go back in March and stay for 2-3 weeks, first at the Kantipur Temple House in the center and then in Boudha either at an airbnb or other apartment.

Being from Seattle, I am sensitive to heat and air pollution. It rains somewhat more in March as compared to November through February. Will this clear out the dust and air pollution.

Since Nepal is landlocked, I wouldn't expect it to have the breeze that comes in from the sea that one gets in San Francisco. Will it be stuffy in March? I realize that few places except luxury hotels seem to have air conditioning.

The advantage of having A/C would be that one could close the windows to have cleaner air to breathe inside.

According to weather charts, it can up to the high 70s in March. Will I be okay, especially at night? Will inside temperatures drop?

I found when I spent my college freshman year in Southern California that I couldn't adjust to the dry heat. Over 75 degrees and I felt uncomfortable.

During visit in nepal in march the summer starts so the temperature in kathamandu is not hot as u expect as it is located in high altitude. If u really like ac room then u can get from 1500 above depending upon hotel. Better to catch a local friend if u have who can help u better. thanks.

But I bet that Katmandu, in the valley, is less likely to get so warm.

Consider Pokhara. The nights are always cool(40's-60's) and summers are tolerable because your house cools down at 3pm. For me, KTM is too crowded and noisey. Cheers🙂