Expat Parenting


Without wanting to steal the "expat-blog" 's thunder, I just wanted to share the Expat Parent Ring with y'all.  It's open to all expat parents anywhere in the world.

What's the big idea? 

To try and get a network of people together with similar issues; who've "been there", who're working on parenting in a place that makes little or no sense at all and especially nothing like the place where we grew up.

So far, there are...um...  2 of us in the loop (it was just set it up this week) which makes the Random button pretty silly, but feel free to sign yourself up.


See you soon!


The thing is ... we'll launch a lot of expat rings on Expat.com very soon :D

hmm...  had no idea... not a regular forum lurker...

I suppose this means I shouldn't spam up the other threads?...

please don't (about the rings) ...

but if you want to help me with the future "Expat.com rings", you're very welcome :)

What do you think?

What kind of rings?...

give me a few weeks to explain everything. I've got so many ideas :)

I am sure Expat.com members will appreciate ... the only thing is that I am flying to 10 000 kms next week (and I am so happy to do so :) )

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