Expat blog gatherings in the Canary Islands

Hi all!

What about meeting the other Canary Islands Expat.com members in real life? Organizing an Expat.com meet up would be an excellent way to know them! :)

An Expat.com meet up can be a diner gathering, having coffee, a bring and share in a nice place, a cultural or sports activity, etc. There are plenty of possibilities: just imagine a pleasant way to meet new people and old friends from Expat.com.

Feel free to organize Expat.com get-togethers in the Canary Islands: you would meet the other members in a friendly atmosphere and have a good time together!

Of course, we could offer some help to organize your meet up and to inform the community.

So, who’s in? Do not hesitate to start a new thread to suggest an Expat.com gathering in the Canary Islands. ;)



Curious, this message has been seen 150 times but no one has replied. But if it's been seen so many times that must mean there are expats in Canary Islands, and I would love to get in touch! I am moving to Gran Canaria in a month's time from Barcelona and I love the idea of an Expat.com gathering! No one else?

I will be in Corralejo this sunday for 8 days, it's my first visit. It looks as if this next year I will relocate  to Corralejo for my job. My spanish is nil,just starting to learn, it would be great to be able to meet Expats, as i am very nervous about the move. I have been trying to finds sites that would give me information, but mostly can find only for sale site or windsurfing sites.:)

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