Places to live in Milan - any recommendations?

Hi, will be moving to Milan soon and am looking for ideas on the best places to live in Milan. Any pointers? Somewhere with nice ambient and not too expensive would be great (<800 Eur/Mth). Also, easy commute to the south east of Milan would be perfect. Thx! E.

Hi elaineyeoh and welcome to!

May i suggest you to post an ad on the Housing in Milan section, that could help!

Best of luck on your new Italian adventure,


In my opinion, Porta Romana - Piazzale Lodi area could be an idea.
Safe areas, nice buildings, good shops. Close to city centre but well linked to southeast milan through MM3 subway (yellow line).
Cost for a single room is 400-600 euros per month bills included.
Southeast Milan (Corvetto, San Donato, Porto di Mare, Rogoredo) is not a good place to live in. Cheaper but ugly and definitely not safe. I hope you find a really good place.

Hi, I have a similar request but will be working on the North East side of the centre.  What are the areas like on the green line?