Apartment Rental Agencies in Milan

Hi All,
Been unable to find info on apartment rentals in Milan. Looking to rent a studio in a somewhat central location. Any recommendations on where to find legitimate rental agency listings? Any ideas on the number of months rent that landlords usually require to move in. Thanks in advance.

I'm the same situation...I tried easymilano it was fairly good but the new one comes out on Thurs, you can download the issue when it comes out off the website. Good luck!

l did a major google search..took me about two weeks..but here are some of the sites l found:

http://italy.gabinohome.com/en/rent+room/milanhttp://www.clickflatshare.com/Milan/http://www.studentsville.eu/italyforum/ … ilano&i=48 ( if the links do not work..just make a google search for: gabinohome, clickflatshare/flatmate milan, studentsville).

Just be careful not to get hoaxed..there are MANY people trying to hassle you. And be sure to see the apartment before you pay them..they always try to use psycholgoical terms such as: hurry,hurry if you want this room you must decide now! And they also tend to put too much detailed information. Good Luck!

During my stay in Milan last year I rented the apartment with Apartments Stay...check them out...they have some great apartments in Milan and they rent it only on a short term basis...cheap, but great and most of all the staff was extremely friendly and helpfull, young guys with good business....
I stayed in this apartment:
It's just in from of the famous Columns of San Lorenzo...and i had a great time with my girl.

I am leaving Milan in a couple of weeks so my apartment will be available from then? It's 600 euros a month and is brand new fittings throughout.

I have an apartment in Milan that is available for rent.
Please, email me if you would like to receive info and photos.
[email protected]