irish girl moving to milan

hey I am an irish 20 year old moving to milan to work in 2 weeks !i will be working in arese was just wondering were is the best area near to here and cheap to look for accomadtion ?even outside milan ?any advice much appreciated

Hello 20annaf!

I hope that other members will give some tips to you soon.


sorry i cant help u cause i am still still preparing myself too to move there but 4 education...its all about that its nice to know english speakers living there....good luck and it would be nice to be in touch ...ciao

In the same boat as Anna but wont be arriving until September 11th . looking for the usual essentials and that.. any tips please let me know

hey so at last I can help I think I live in arese during summer here at the moment but moving in september to the center to a diff family basically arese isn't really the center but its quiet expensive because its a great place to bring up kids you could look for acc in rho its quiet close especially if you drive :) what are you working at??

Hi Anna,

I am currently live in Northern Ireland (Belfast) so what't the craic in Arese?

I was born and bred in Rho and now moving in Milan again for job reasons. Anyway I will be moving for the first half of September. I am looking for an accomodation and also looking for an English speaking flatemate.

As you said you are goig to work in Arese, I suppose you will be working as a customer service agent, anyway, it's the same losy job I am doing here in Belfast.

If you need help, info or moral support just drop an email: [email protected]




Let me know when you arrive! I am Irish . . . living here 2 years! feel free to contact me! best of luck!

Will do, thanks Sinead , If your on holidays now enjoy the rest of them


Galwegian, I thought it was Glaswegian at first :D

Honest mistake, What about yourself you must be a Scot? Keep in touch over there and we could go for a scoop bud

A scot, yep, although half Irish but I tend to keep that bit a secret ;). I am glad it was a mistake, I hate them weegies (joke). Send me a pm for my email address and give me a shout when you are over - a scoop sounds good. I found an english pub with pints of tennents on tap!