Living near Malpensa airport


I will shortly be going to Italy, more precisely working next to malpensa airport, for a full year.

I would like to find a place to live somewhere near, no more than 20 mins by car (or by public transport, if available).

I've seen towns like Castano Primo, Cassano Magnago, Cardano al Campo, Ferno, etc., around, but it's really hard (~impossible) to find web sites that offer rentings to these towns.

I've checked easy milano, but that's not particularly easy to browse and its offer is more towards milan itself, and there's a shortage of offer.

Does anyone know a good place to look out for when looking for houses to rent around Malpensa? general web site or agencies?

Thanks a lot! :)

And have you tried Milan classifieds > accommodation section?;)

Hope it helps,

Hi, Harmonie!
Thanks! I have indeed already checked that section, but they appear (given I have not openeded them all...) to be Milan-center centric. Hard to find on the "satellite" cities.
I will definately give it more tries.
But i'd really appreaciate a more organized site with pictures and details and such. Helps a lot!

Thanks again!

If you are only looking for a "room" to start with....have you tried:  ?    I found a WONDERFUL room in Piacenza on this site.

Good luck to you!

Just got myself "installed".

For whoever might also be interested in finding a place, the online places to visit are and