We move to Milan

Hi Friends,
  I am doing my PHD studies in Computer Science in the Bonn University. In June I finish it; in July I move to Milan to work in the University Milano-Bicocca.I have a wife ane three kids. So I do not a lot of money :)

Where could I live until I find a suitable flat ? The salary offered to me (ca. 1800 euros) is not high, so searching will take a while.

Where could I put my belongings to ?

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Hi Alex!

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Good day guys, I gotta few questions since been offered a job in the city of Monza.

Is €1,800 enough for a couple to live well in Monza?
Around what is a decent price for a studio (45sq mts. toilet and kitchen)?
How is the transport in Monza? Do you need a car to really get around?
What is the average transport expenses/groceries per month, not spartan neither paris hilton spending.
Is transport well distributed?
Any comments on schools would be very much appreciated, how are parents with school expectations/teachers?
And the weather? How you guys feel it?
Regarding the people, how are they in northern Italy?
Is it feasible to travel to Milan for work?

Thanks for your time.

Mr. K

Hello Mr. K, I invite you to start a new thread on Milan forum for better visibility.;)


Hi I'm Simone, Italian, I live in Milano

Monza is an expensive city but €1,800 is enough for a 2 bed rooms apartment (obviously very small)
You don't need car, You can use the subway (Sesto FS Station, see the map: http://www.metropolitana-milano.it/imma … milano.gif)
Or you can use the train. You definitely don't need a car if you'll go to Milano just in day time.