Organic Fabrics in Bali

Hi there, I am trying to source organic fabrics in Bali..preferably Bamboo and have it made into my final product. I am more than happy to have these made through a tailor or similiar business apposed to a factory as I would rather support a family long as it was ethically run and could offer wholesale pricing. I am coming to Bali soon could somebody please help me?????...thankyou.Cheers, Tracy.

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Hello Tracy
I know of a family here in Bali that make Totally organic COTTON materials They grow the cotton, spin it then weave it using Flowers and Vegetable Dyes for Colours, is this the sort of thing you are looking for ??
I do not know what sizes or widths your looking for ?? But please ask questions and I will try to get answers for you should you wish

thankyou so much, I have inboxed you...hope this is okay:)

Hi Tracey
have a look at bali Advertiser ( a two weekly expat Newspaper) I have noticed some ads for Bamboo Linen etc available here in Bali. The stuff I am aware of may more suit Bed Runners etc and maybe compliment your intended range ? I am happy to take you to the Village near Nusa Dua when you come to Bali. I live Jimbaran next to Nusa Dua .

Just as a ball park they sell 2 metres long x almost a metre wide for Rp200,000 about A$20/A$23. to tourists I am sure you can buy cheaper for volume.I will try to get you some photos when next I visit
Best wishes Howard

thankyou Howard, I am over in the next 2-4 months. I would love to go to Nusa Dua to see the linen. Thankyou again for your time. I will email you when I have made my booking.  You are very kind and so lucky to live in such a beautiful place...2 kids less and I may have done it myself...maybe when they grow up:)

Hi Aussie,

I`m  looking  to  find organic cotton waste ,from a  mill or similar....................cotton  wadding is  its  usual name. Any  help  would  be  much  appreciated.


Hey, I just came over this replay!  I am looking to buy some organic cotton in Bali and having a hard time to find good material.  Your friend that makes cotton sounds interesting, so I was wodnering if you could give me some contact info?

Hi Tufs,

Thanks for your interest, the detail is:
ROLE Foundation Nusa dua-Bali  www,
Mike O Leary is the man to help you 0361 8078805
Hope you find what your looking for
Regards Howard

Hi Greg,

I don't think you will find what your looking for in Bali.Most of the industries here are Cottage Based and I do not believe there is any volume in waste available Sorry .

May I suggest you post in our sites in Java, as you are more likely, to find someone who knows of a Mill that uses a Card machine.
Good luck in your search
Regards  Howard

Greg and Tufs, have you read this article? … rment.html

The old adage, “what goes around comes around” comes to mind and I find it ironic that while the best kain ever made in Indonesia, (unarguably being the fine batik tulis of Java), they were historically made from cotton imported from the southern US States via the merchants of the Dutch East Indies.

The indigenous cotton of Indonesia simply does not lend itself to the soft silk like quality which is most desired.  This accounts for the rather rough texture of tribal textiles such as the famed ikats of Nusa Tenggara and Kalimantan.

Cotton growing on Bali (of any genus of cotton) should be discouraged for a variety of good reasons, none the least of which is that it depletes  the land otherwise available for food production and tree harvesting.

As for bamboo, I must admit to being amused how many uses for it (including the building of houses) that have been introduced here from outside influence.  Personally, I look to the Balinese and how they have historically used (and presently use) this material, and unless absolutely necessary (for economic reasons) they don't rely on it for their permanent structures, nor can I imagine many jumping at the chance to buy their sarongs and kabayas made from it, let alone tee shirts and shorts/slacks.

Hi there,
I've never been to Bali but planning a trip very soon : )
My business partner and I are venturing into kids clothing and searching for any organic fabric suppliers (either cotton or bamboo) and also an ethical clothing manufacturer.
Bali popped up in mind as the place to go being a start up interested in small scale production.
Any help would be awesome!
Thanks a ton!

Did you read the post immediately before yours?

If the Indonesians aren't using "organic fabric" or god forbid, bamboo to put on their backs, why are you even thinking about it?

Hi All
From my research no bamboo fabric is manufactured in Bali (but I may be wrong) it is imported from China & then made into the final product.  There are a couple of supplier in Bali but not manufacturers.

And as I have found you really need to be in Bali to source suppliers & manufacturers.

Hope this helps.

I'm in batik business more than 10 years and as well as I know there are no bamboo fabric manufactured in Bali. it came from china or just imported in yarn and than be woven at Jepara.
but we have made organic fabric from pineapple (leaves) fiber

Hi Ubudian, Adji and Michelle.
Thanks guys for your help.  Yep, makes sense!  I'll start digging once I get over to Bali : ) I'm just checking out my options.

I've been reading about fabric manufacturers in Bali, and am interested if anyone knows of where larger width linens can be bought wholesale.

I am interested in the family who grows, spins and weaves, using their own plant based dyes?

Any info would be appreciated

“I am interested in the family who grows, spins and weaves, using their own plant based dyes?”

The closest you're going to get to that in Bali is in the Bali Aga village of Tenganan where traditional double ikat, called gerinsing is still made.  Keep in mind however that these cloths are excessively expensive.

Throughout all of Indonesia these days it is rare to find any textiles produced with other than imported cotton or silk and using chemical dyes.  It's been that way for quite a long time.

Thanks Ubudian,

I appreciate your insight and help.

I have only visited Ubud for a short stay, but plan to return in early April for another round of rest.

I am interested in visiting small villages or families that are crafters, does not matter in what as I'm interested in just seeing what is being made by whom where.

I'm a teacher of art, so anything in wood, bamboo, fabric weavings, or the likes would be of interest to me.

Any help or direction would be great as with limited time, I will be just scratching the surface I'm sure. I've already marked the places you have mentioned that weave....

any other places of interest in these areas would be welcome.


In the Balinese language there is no word for art.  I suppose that's because in one way or another all Balinese are artists and creativity seemingly is in their genes.  I often joke with fellow art historian friends back in the states, “if a Balinese gets cut, that isn't blood you'll see, rather it's Grumbacher red oil paint.”

Virtually anywhere you go in Bali you'll find something going on.  In every Balinese compound women prepare offerings each and every day…and each of them is a work of sculptural art.  Much like back in the states where one might see a small group of old women sitting around knitting and enjoying the latest gossip, here in Bali you'll find the same except it's razor sharp knives in their hands deftly and almost mindlessly cutting away various leaves into elaborate and beautiful offerings, all the while chit chatting away without even looking at what their hands are doing.     

All Balinese children are raised with a strong emphasis on art be it performing arts (dance, music or drama) or visual (architecture, painting and sculpture). 

Certain areas of Bali are better known for specific arts, for example Batubulan for stone sculpture, Mas for wood carving, Celuk for jewelry, and Ubud for painting, but this artistic pursuits go on all over Bali.

Your best bet once you are here is to hire a private Balinese driver who can take you all over Bali and into the often remote villages rarely seen by tourists. 

If you need some excellent recommendations of Balinese drivers that I've known for many years, just send me a private message and I'll gladly respond.

Enjoy your trip!

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Hi there, any luck finding a supplier?

Hi Kavisharma,

Welcome to :)

Please note that you posted on an old thread.

Why don't you start a new discussion on the Bali forum for better visibility?

Are you looking for a supplier for organic fabric? Can you please tell us more about your project?

Thank you,

Hasnaa Team

Yup bamboo fabrics are mostly made in China. The quality is very fine and soft. In fact it is so soft that they make ladies undies out of it, as many of you western ladies might know. It's something like a cotton lycra but with tiny knots in it like raw silk. Some of the big underwear brands sell bamboo panties for women. And they don't have splinters.

Hi there

I am after bamboo fibre fabric/modal or some other form of organic fabric that can be altered into a clothing range.

I haven't come across this fabric before in my trips to bali, so I thought it would be best to ask around before wasting time while I'm over there.

If anyone has any connections/knows any family factories that currently support organic materials it would be greatly appreciated!


have a friend to produce fabric from bamboo, her name is veronique. I dunno mod will delete or not but this is the link of her website.

I also produce organic things.. organic sugar :D


Hello there Howard!!!

I just found your post here about this organic hand woven cotton, beautiful!!!!
I know this post is a bit old, do you know if they are still creating this?
I just arrived on  Bali a week and a half ago in Ubud.  I am here nannying for a few weeks and then I plan on staying for some time:)
I am in the process of creating an ECO clothing line and I would love to find some beautiful handmade balinese fabrics to work with.
Do you know if they exist here?
hearing different things.
I love that you spoke of the cotton being organic hand spun as well as natural dyes, this is what I am looking for!!!
I am also looking for a great tailor or family of tailors I can work with closely to produce a couple designs, and be able to support them and give them work.
any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

much love

hello stephanie,

I knew someone from Jepara made handwooven cotton fabric and he supply a lots for Bali market. if you interested i could ask his contact number/email cause perhaps tomorrow i could meet him at INACRAFT (i think once of indonesia biggest  craft exibition).

really?! wow id love the contact yes!!!
thank you!

do you know if its organic?

much appreciation

hello Stepanie,

I met my friend on venue, he do both natural dying and chemical dying for his handwooven fabric. he produce kind of kain endek, rangrang, jumputan etc.    please open your inbox for detail contact.


Could someone please give me a contact to by Organic Cotton? and fabric made of Bamboo as well?

Thanks a lot,

Alain Moon Rocks :
If you are looking for bamboo, you can look it up in the North Maluku (ternate), one small town in Indonesia. Different types of bamboo with bamboo in other areas in Indonesia. If you are interested maybe I can help you to contact them.

Hi Thamia, thx for your quick reply... But I´m looking for Kain made dari Bamboo... not just bamboo...

Do they have kain dari bamboo to make T.shirts in that place you were saying?

Thanks a lot .

hi Alain...bamboo fabric came from China, but you could find pineapple (leaves) fabric also jute fabric from Indonesia

Alain Moon Rocks :
they don't have kain dari bamboo to make T.shirts.
and it seems a little difficult to find kain that are essentially made of bamboo material :D


I am after bamboo fibre material/or organic cotton to make t shirts firstly, and then an entire clothing range.

Can you please let me know of any suppliers that currently stock this material in Bali? I was there a few months ago and had no luck in sourcing any, so if someone can put me in contact before I return that would be great!

Thanks :)

Hi Thamia,
I'm interested in,learning more about the bamboo available in north Maluka or other areas in Indonesia. Could you please provide more details for me!?

Thanks, njlo

adji_suryanto wrote:

hello Stepanie,

I met my friend on venue, he do both natural dying and chemical dying for his handwooven fabric. he produce kind of kain endek, rangrang, jumputan etc.    please open your inbox for detail contact.

I'm also looking for Eco fabrics and dying options. Can you please provide more details on your friends textile business?!

Thanks, njlo