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Lead Generator - Property Finance
AWN - Australian Wealth Network
Temporary work
Added on 06/03/2024
USD 200
Brand and Marketing Manager
Fixed-term contract
Added on 26/02/2024
Everything you need to know to work in Bali
Working in Bali
The multi-faceted island of Bali offers many opportunities for those who wish to move from tourist to expatriate status. But what about employment for foreigners? While the promise of living and working in a paradise-like setting is tempting, it is important to understand that finding a job in Indonesia requires patience and perseverance, not to mention a strong CV. Immigration laws were tightened during the pre-pandemic years, but the government is expected to loosen the legislation again to help the economy recover.
Bali's labour market
With its idyllic beaches, lush mountain ranges and charming smiles, it's impossible not to fall in  love with Bali. If you've decided to move to the Island of the Gods to find a job, here's some information that will help you in your quest for work as a foreigner.
The work culture in Bali
The work environment in Bali varies from company to company, but in general, it is closely linked to the overall culture of the island that places massive importance on the hierarchy of age and community.
Working in Indonesia
As one of the major regional economic powerhouses in Southeast Asia, Indonesia attracts foreign professionals looking for opportunities to work. In exchange, the country provides one of the highest standards of living in Southeast Asia.
Starting a business in Indonesia
Thanks to the country's large population, affordable labor force, and abundant natural resources, Indonesia offers many opportunities for foreign investors. In fact, Indonesia's foreign direct investment index (FDI) is increasing every year.
Internships in Indonesia
Do you wish to acquire hands-on experience, gain new professional skills and expand your international network for your future career? Internships in Indonesia are a great way to integrate and stay ahead of the trends in the professional world while experiencing an incredible culture and a completely different way of life.
Added on 08/02/2024
AUD 75
Added on 30/01/2024
IDR 4500000
Job candidates in Bali
English teacher
Laura Pisciuneri
Permanent contract
Added on 22/04/2024
Translator, Work in Hotel, Catering
Laura Pisciuneri
Permanent contract
Added on 20/04/2024
Added on 27/12/2023
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