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I'm wondering if there is any work available in Bali for a child counsellor?

I specialise is trauma counselling using many modalities, to ensure a holistic approach to counselling, including art and expressive therapies, which include but not limited to the clay field and sandplay. I also use talk therapies and CBT. I currently work for an NGO in Australia with children and adolescents aged 5-18 who have experienced a one off traumatic event such as parental separation or bullying, as well as children who have experienced many traumatic events who may also be involved with the child protection system. I have a social work degree and several graduate diplomas. I also have an Australian husband who speaks fluent Bahasa. I look forward to hearing any suggestions on where to start regarding possible job opportunities. Many thanks Sara

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While waiting for our fellow members to come up with solutions to your questions,i'd request you drop drop an ad and create your resume in the Jobs in Bali section to increase your chances of getting in touch with potential recruiters.

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The work permit rules are very strict in general but even more so on the island of Bali - if a local is available for the job, you can't get legal work.
Your best bet is to apply to the international schools on the island.

Thanks, I have just started to look at the international schools.