Hello community!

We are Paula and Miriam, two Spanish girls who want to start a PT PMA in Bali and need to find a LOCAL PARTNER to join us.

Our business idea is related to hospitality and it will be in Ubud. We would like to begin with a quite small business first but with the future idea of growing.

Please, if you are a Balinese from Ubud and interested in taking part of our project please contact me for more details.

Thank you very much!

Starting small may not be an option as 'small' still requires a notable minimum investment.
Good luck in finding a partner

You need to check all this out with a lawyer or notaris in Bali especially the cost of doing this. But in anycase, I would place an ad in the Bali Advertiser.

Also, please be careful, there are unscrupulous locals who might try to rip you off. About 20 years ago an Italian man invested a ton of money in a new restaurant building in Kerobokan. His partner was a garment factory who completely kicked him out once they had his money.

I too worked with a different garment factory a long time ago, I planned to design collections, set up a showroom and bring in customers and almost got ripped off. Luckily  I got off lightly without any loss but it did delay the production and delivery time which fortunately was for my own stores.

The link is given because the information is well laid out, but there is no recommendation of the site or any services they may provide as I have absolutely no idea who they are

https://www.cekindobusinesscenter.com/e … stor-asing

The site mentions nominee agreements, something I strongly suggest avoiding as such a deal is very likely illegal, or at least skirting around the law, so is very likely to leave you with a 100% loss if your nominee gets greedy and sells the thing from under you.
It's a bit hard to take them to court to enforce an illegal, or legally very dodgy, contract.

Hi paula,
first of all why u want to create a business with a local, for PT PMA it is possible to create it with 100% foreign capital (but having an Indonesian as an administrative director as an employee, but him has to be restricted because it can access ur  bank account), second better not to use a lawyer or notary to create a company, but to use a multi-service company that costs less(more or less 80 jt) , third wishes for ur business, but if it is small u will have to do well with everything, if u need more  info write here

I hope you figure it out. What about "Digital" style businesses?

Iam interested to apply for your local partner.
Iam balinese chef with international working experiences.
Curently working as a chef in one of biggest factory in bali.
More detail you may contact me at
Email : ***
Whattsap : ***

Thank you

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Hi we are looking for a local business partner to set up a unique business idea

Hello paul8626,

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Kindly note that you should post an advert in the Bali classifieds section, where there is a category for business partners.

Make sure to include as many details as possible about the type of business you intend to establish. This will make it easier for members to determine their interests.



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Hello, in the classifieds, click on Post your Ad > Testimonies, lost items, missing people

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Starting a PT PMA in Bali sounds like an exciting venture! To find a reliable local partner in Ubud, consider networking within the local community. Attend community events, engage with local businesses, and build relationships. Be transparent about your business idea and emphasize mutual benefits. Also, explore online platforms and forums where local entrepreneurs connect.