Work as a dentist in indonesia?

Hellow everybody, i am new in this blog and I have been reading your posts and I think they re really interesting and helpfull.  The fact is that I need some kind of help or advise because i ve been trying to figuert out if Its posible for me to work as a dentist in Bali if I am from Spain and if it was posible what I should do to get my indonesian certificate. I ll really appreciate anyhelp! Thank you verymuch!

Hi Daniel and welcome to!

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Hi Daniel,
Welcome, I have no personal knowledge of the requirements you need to practice here in Bali.
However I suggest you contact Mary Northmore MBE at Yayasan Senyum(Foundation) The Smile Foundation of Bali They have many visiting Doctors & some Dentists who volunteer their skills to help in the areas of Cleft Lip & or Pallet operations, also Facio Cranial work.
E-mail     yayasansenyum@yahoo,co,id

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Hello Daniel!
com vas?
i am a catalan dentist...and i am trying to find out if it is posible to work as a dentist in indonesia/bali.
have you found out anything yet?
i have read that it is ileagal for any foreigners to work there as dentist/doctor.
Any further info?

I have no clue as to the law regarding foreign medical staff but, assuming it's legal to work at all, you'll need a work permit and visa.
That comes to US$1,200 for the permit and Rp800,000 for the visa (+ bribes and/or agents fees)
A post above suggests it is possible to work legally.

I suspect a European dentist in Bali would be very popular with expats and the rich end of Bali locals.

i like it.

Hello Daniel!

I wonder if you Could Find so far a job as a dentist in Bali!!
If the answer is yes,I would kindly ask You to give me some informations.Im a dentist from Romania who is looking to relocate in Bali!

This thread is very old now.

Why not do some online research, find out hospitals or clinics that have a dental section then contact them about work. Either way you will need visa, permits etc to work legally.

The law is very clear in that it is a requirement that anyone practicing the medical arts in Indonesia must be an Indonesian citizen (and have passed all required exams).  Thailand (and other SE Asian countries) have similar laws.

Dentists (Doktor Gigi) clearly fall under this law.

Where it gets a bit murky is with all the self proclaimed “healers” and guru Yoga from outside of Indonesia that have invaded Bali since the Eat, Pray, Love phenomena.