Job for a doctor in Bali???

My name is Christin, I am from Austria.
I am a General Practicer and Senior Radiologist.
After spending some time in Bali, I am thinking about moving there for private reason. My future husband is from Bali and the plan is to live together for the long term.
So does anybody here knows about the chances for me to find a job in Bali?
I tried to contact some of the hospitals, but it's quite difficult even to get an answer.

I would be very thankful for any tips!

Nice Greetings

The rule is simple...

If you can do what a job no Indonesian is available for you can get a work permit.
Your best bet is to contact the large expensive hospitals in the area and ask. Language might be an issue.

no that,s a doctor u can.t work...u can have a consultancy role only...That,s y some of these hospitals are run by Aussies..Lawyers same can do some research..there is a list of occupations that can.t physically work here.bundy

Hi Christin,
I am an internal medicine doctor in the US, and I am interested in moving to Bali to work as a GP.
I came across your job post and hope you had an easy transition and great start to your new position in Bali.  I was hoping you could share your success and advice on how to find healthcare opportunities out there.
Thank you,

WISRMD18 wrote:

Hi Christin,
I am an internal medicine doctor in the US, and I am interested in moving to Bali to work as a GP.

Your chances are limited - If you can do what a local can't, you can get a work permit.

In order to practice the medical arts in Indonesia you must be an Indonesian citizen. 

The exception to that is via approved NGO's and in times of national with the Bali bombing years ago, and more recently, the Sulawesi and Aceh tsunamis.

I am a Portuguese gastroenterologist with a large experience in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy, ERCP and Endoscopic Ultrasound looking for a job in Bali. Where should I apply for this job?
Become fluent in Indonesia and get Indonesian ciizenship, or wait until the new international hospital is built and the Indonesian doctors' 'union' removes their objections.
How ab. nurses, Fed or anyone else is it the same..?

@Chris Stin wondering what's going on with her? hoping the best for you and your future husband IDK maybe already married or not now, how did you meet your bf if he is from Bali? wah such a lucky future husband. I heard that they built an inter-hospital there for foreign doctors/something like that. But honestly, maybe it matches the affordable life, the salary may not be that high compared to a western country. Some Indonesian medical workers wanna work at the hospital in the western country but you wanna come as doctor in indo/bali 😦