How to get a physiotherapy license in Indonesia


I am looking for the procedure to get a license to pratice physiotherapy in indonesia. I didn't find anything relevant with my google search. Anyone know where to start ? Where to apply to have an equivalence or a license ? Anything would help.

Thank you !


Except when a language teaching/coaching job requires a NATIVE SPEAKER of that language. Many local English teachers here lack good pronunciation, or a decent vocabulary, and their grammar is not always up to par. Example, when the sign on the teachers room door says: "Please be quiet, we are a meeting", I'd say the words on the sign were written by a local English teacher of that school, teaching bad grammar on that sign, and who knows what else in the classrooms. Many times the text books they use contain mistakes, I've seen them myself, and when I pointed it out, the teachers didn't care, they just continued with their old ways of teaching.

Even for health care worker ?