Chef Seeking Postion in Bali

Hello everyone! I have recently experienced Bali... but not the country. I have worked and ultimately become friends with my former co-workers from Bali while consulting as an Executive Chef in Bermuda. I am interested in making the leap and attaining a position in Bali. I am an experienced Executive Chef with a Luxury Boutique Hotel Background. I have worked with companies such as Ritz-Carlton and other Forbes Five Star Establishments. I am intersted in finding opportunities and if they are attaiable for me being an American. I ask for any help or advice you could give. The internal Hospitality I experienced from my fellow team mates is what inspired me to pursue this avenue and I am excited to see what I can make happen and give back.

Side Note: My wife is an acupuncturist Does anyone know how easy/difficult it is to find work in this field in Bali?

The basic rule is, if an Indonesian can do it and is available, you can't get a work permit.
A specialist chef has possibilities but there are lots of local acupuncturists so that's likely to prove  problematic.

Aside from the position of Executive Chef in the top five star resort chains, it is difficult for foreigners to find positions as a chef here, and the vast majority of foreign chefs that live and work on Bali are doing so as the owner of the restaurant where they work.

Since this is your background…viz, as an Executive Chef, you should send your CV to those five star resorts here that interest you. 

As for your wife, it is my understanding that acupuncture falls under the “medical arts” category.  That is an area which is almost impossible for foreigners to find employment…Indonesian citizenship being required. 

As Fred mentioned, jobs in Indonesia are primarily regulated under the idea of “jobs for Indonesians first.” 

I'm sorry that I can't be more encouraging. 

Good luck to you both!

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