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Updated 2019-10-31 07:32

As an island resort, Bali is renowned as a world-class holiday destination. However, the idyllic beaches, charming culture and the kind hospitality of its residents have also lured many international students to come and study in Bali. While the island is famous for being a destination of leisure and pleasure, it is also home to many top-class universities that welcome international students.

Studying abroad is one of those life-changing experiences that young adults can have in their life. It provides an opportunity to get exposed to a foreign culture, expanding their horizon, being more open-minded while also creating an international network for the future.

Fortunately for international students wishing to study in Bali, there are plenty of English-speaking programs being offered to international students. The majority of the programs are student-exchange programs that provide the chance for international students to study for one semester or more at the universities in Bali. Not only it provides a channel for the students to become immersed in the Balinese culture and way of life, but the credits generated from such studies can also be easily credited back to the students’ university of origin.

Universities in Bali

There are about nine universities in all regions of Bali, and at least 4 of them offer classes that international students can join.

Udayana University

The largest and the most reputed one is Udayana University. Being the only state-owned university in Bali, Udayana was originally established as a cultural think-thank in 1962. The university has 13 faculties, ranging from the medical faculty to law and forestry.

Through its official channel of GoBali, Udayana University provides study abroad programs for international students. All courses offered are part of different full-degree study programs at Udayana University. The courses offered are varied from undergraduate courses, to postgraduate or doctorate, as well as short term summer courses. The study area ranges from business, economic, marketing, law to tourism, communication, culture and language. Tuition fees vary from EUR 3,999 for a summer course, to EUR 1,990 per semester for undergraduate programs. For detailed information, have a look at each course’s specifications, requirements on its website.

The channel also provides all-inclusive services for international students wishing to study in Bali. Not only do they facilitate the admission process, but they also help to arrange student accommodation, insurance and transport for new students.

Universitas Pendidikan Nasional Bali

Another university that provides international tuition is UNDIKNAS or Universitas Pendidikan Nasional Bali. A private university, UNDIKNAS has made a name by itself and is ranked as the best private university in the area of Bali, West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara. The university has 4 faculties and 11 study programs, out of which 8 are on the undergraduate level and 3 on the graduate level.

International students can study in UNDIKNAS through their international study program on business, management and accounting for one or two semesters or for a full degree. Courses are offered for both bachelor and master degree with tuition fees starting from EUR 1,650/semester.

Warmadewa University

Warmadewa University is another private university offering courses for international students through its international study program on Indonesian language and culture, business, economic, strategic management, tourism, politics, environmental sustainability, entrepreneurship and management. Tuition fees are EUR 1,650 per semester. Courses are offered for both bachelor and master degree level.

Triatma Mulya Stenden University

Triatma Mulya Stenden University is another private university that offers a full course through cooperation with Stenden University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. The global campus site in Bali provides two Bachelor degree courses in Business Administration and International Hospitality Management; both are taught in English by lecturers from all around the world. Through its twinning program, students can undertake their study in Bali with an opportunity to study for one year in The Netherlands. Tuition fees are about EUR 3,850 per semester.

Benefits of studying in Bali

With various courses available, studying in Bali could be a lucrative option for young adults to extend their stay. Studying in Bali is all about study-life balance. Most of the lectures in Bali's universities only last for 3 to 4 days a week. So there is still plenty of time for international students to travel and explore all the natural beauties that Bali has to offer. While in Bali, you can also take the time to travel to the neighbouring islands of Lombok, Gili, or Java that are easily accessible by short boat rides.

Living and studying in Bali also provides a central base to explore the different countries in Asia-Pacific. The island is centrally located and allows the students to travel to the neighbouring countries easily using the various budget flights.

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