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Updated 2022-09-20 23:01

Every month, five million tourists visit Bali. This makes it a particularly good place to network on an international level. However, as an expatriate in Bali, you may find that this kind of network won't suit your needs, as tourists are just short-term visitors. To help you get around this issue, Expat.com is about to provide some sound leads to follow.

Clubs and organizations in Bali

If you seek to work in Bali, you will have a much better chance of finding the job you want by getting acquainted with other local professionals, be they expatriates or Indonesian citizens.

The best way to develop your professional network in Bali is to join clubs or organizations focused on a particular activity. However, if you don't know where to start, check out the international organizations with branches on the island.

The Rotary Club is an internationally recognized organization that brings together business and professional leaders to provide humanitarian services around the world. Its Balinese branch is particularly active and holds regular lunchtime business meetings. For example, the English-speaking Seminyak Rotary is primarily composed of long-time expatriates who run businesses in Indonesia, as well as Indonesian business owners. Most of its members are directly or indirectly involved in the tourism industry, hotel management, catering, property management, etc.

The club meets twice a month at Trans Resort Bali for a lunch or dinner meeting. New members are always welcome, including non-members. So, if you wish to participate (for a fee) in these lunches or dinners, it will be a good starting point to get to know influential people in the industry. This will allow you to easily develop your network and, by extension, boost your job search on the island.

Skal International is another club dedicated specifically to tourism and travel professionals. It has more than 200 active members among the major players in the Balinese hospitality industry. The island branch is the third largest club in the world, and the largest club in Southeast Asia.

Skal club members are business leaders and professionals in the tourism industry, as well as suppliers and entrepreneurs in the travel sector like accommodation, tours, travel and transportation, marine and cruise tourism, media, etc. If you have already established a business in Indonesia or Bali, this would be a relevant way to expand your business, as the club's motto is to always do business with its own members.

Women in Bali also have their own professional network. The Bali International Women's Association (BIWA) enables women entrepreneurs from all nationalities to come together, network and improve the lives of those less fortunate. The organization was established in 1974 and has carried out many projects related to social welfare, education and improving the lives of disadvantaged people living in Bali. The association members meet every month, usually at a bazaar where other women can join. To become a member, simply visit their website and fill out the relevant form.

Coworking spaces in Bali

In case you don't want to join formal organizations, you can always choose to expand your network by joining coworking spaces, which have been blooming in Bali in recent years. These spaces often host free seminars and workshops on specific topics for the general public. However, be aware that since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia in 2020, many of these establishments have permanently closed their doors. Therefore, it is advisable to check online if the coworking spaces you are interested in are still accessible.

Sunset Road';s Kembali Hub is Bali's official partner for Google developers and business groups, while Seminyak holds regular seminars on digital entrepreneurship also in partnership with Google. Note that many of these events are not English-speaking ones, as they are mainly aimed at Indonesians. If you are fluent in Bahasa, this could be a good approach to penetrating Indonesian professional networks.

Dojo Bali Coworking in Canggu is another active coworking space with a variety of daily events. Many of them are dedicated to networking and knowledge sharing. In this sense, they are favored by many digital nomads in Bali who are looking for business opportunities on the island or elsewhere. These events are also a way to get into the local digital community, to learn and meet people. To learn more about the news, you can browse its website.

If you are still unsure about which club or organization to join, start by reaching out to those online, through Facebook or LinkedIn, based on your interests or industry. You can find several professional groups such as the Hotel Human Resources Managers Association or Bali Food & Beverage Suppliers.

Also, feel free to browse sites such as Meetup or Eventbrite, which regularly post events focused on a variety of topics.

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