Organic Fabrics in Bali

Hi Howard,

How are you?  I am very much interested in these details. Would you please pass these onto me as I am launching an eco friendly lifestyle brand this year. Your contacts sound like exactly what I am looking for!

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hello i am very interested  in the organic cotton family... i live here, do you have any leads to get in touch with them or an address please?

I am very curious about this!
We work with some local suppliers here but are really struggling to find organic cottons or places that wholesale bamboo, hemp or other simlarly sustainably made and sourced materials.
Could you please explain more about the contacts you might have?
thankyou in advance!

If you can't find bamboo, you're walking around with your eyes closed or not looking in the right places.

Hemp is likely to be much harder as it's related to weed. I know it's about as likely to get you high as a bowl of cornflakes but that's not going to make much difference in Indonesia.

This is exactly what I'm looking for! I see this tread is old, do you know if the still make organic cotton? and could you give me there contact information please? :)

-Best Regards

Hi judt wondering if u are still in contact with this family or ic they are still doing this? Thank you

Hello - is it possible to have their details? I will be in Bali next week. Many thanks, Tamsin

Hi there, I know this is an old post but would love the details of the family that spins their own cotton please! Thank you Sam

Hey do you still know this family and would you be able to link me up with them? Thank you!

Hello i order before organik cotton an bamboo s thirts and pants from small factory in bali, they find for me the material and also custom printing. I can send contact if any body need it

Can you send me the contact please? i am really looking forward to any bamboo, cotton, or linen fabric. for my graduation project. Thank you

- Ayu

Hello everyone,

I saw in the previous posts many entrepreneurs are interrested in sourcing organic bamboo / cotton. I am looking for organic (ethically produced) hemp fabric. Could anyone, please, kindly help me in this quest? Thank you very much in advance!

Organic Knitted Fabric usualy cotton : go to Parama textile at imam bonjol street or Bintang Harapan at dewi sri street

For Woven got to warna jaya/silky jaya at batanta street

Should be easy to find in google map


Hello Ali,

Thank you very much for your answer. After I have contacted those two suppliers. I still haven't found my material. I am now getting more flexible. I am looking for burlap from bamboo, hemp or coconut as far as it is produced in a sustainable way. The dream would be to find one in Bali. Any idea where I could find this??


I am wondering if you know of any manufacturers of pure linen fabric for bedding?

Try Indolinen in mahendradata
But not sure if there us pure linen for bedding
Linen fabric usualy width 150 cm only

Hi Howard,

How are you?

I realize this is an old thread but i've been researching about bamboo fabric (cotton or linen) that is made in Bali, and google showed me this link.

Do you know any home industry that could make bamboo cotton and bamboo linen in Bali and factory that could do plant based dye?
Thanks .


I dont think any cotton bamboo or linen bamboo home made in bali or even factory made in bali. The process is not eco friendly even the bamboo itself is sustainable plant option.

For plant dyes, just google natural dye bali, you will find tarum on gianyar

Can I please have more information on the details and contacts as well? Thanks!

Hello there!

We have just returned from Bali and we are very interested in finding someone who can produce and dye organic cotton just like the family you described in your reply in this forum. I know that this message was a while ago so I was wondering if you would still have their contact by any chance?

I would really appreciate it, many thanks!


Did you get an adress or number.? I would love to have them as well


Hi, I am interested in that family. Could you send me a contact through my inbox?

Do you also know someone in Bali that does vegetable dye fabrics?

@ Adi Yoga
yes, please send me the contact :-)

I have a small workshop producing several kinds of apparel including organic cotton (especially for t-shirt).
We also supply and export to some foreign customers in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.
I agree with what Adi_bali said that bamboo cotton is not produced in organic way (still involves chemical substances) for dyeing, etc.

I do not think that organic dyeing (without chemical) is available in Bali or in Java. Just a friendly reminder, if the dyeing factory / workshop claim that their process is organic, they should be able to give a written statement saying that they do not use chemical.

So far what I know, sorry to say, both in Bali and in Java there is no place who can dye without chemical. Indeed, they use leaves, roots, fruits, etc. but I do not think it is the main substance for dyeing. Mainly still chemical used.

Pls could you send me more information about pineapple fiber? I'm looking for organic or natural finers to make handbags

Hi Ali,

How are you? Last time I came to Bali, I couldn't find the coconut / hemp / pineapple burlap material. I will come back in two weeks.

Do you have any idea where I could find it? I am looking for this design. … BP80287171

I know HB textile where selling some in the past in Denpasaar (made out of pineapple). But I now need about 50 to 100m roll for production.

If you know where I can find it made out of coconut, please, let me know, I would be very interrested.

Hi Guilhemvas,

That kind of material I have ever seen in a textile shop on Jalan Gunung Salak. The cost per meter is around Rp. 20,000 I think. Usually this is made into bag, purse, tote bag but originally this type of material is used for the sack of coffee or sugar in industry.

Hello! This is an old post, so I am praying that we can still connect on this!

Hi,  I hope you don't mind me jumping in on this post.  I am coming at Bali in mid November to source organic linen for a bedding range I am hoping to start up.  I think your post could be of interest to me.  Would you mind advising me of these details.  Thank you 😊

To Aussiehj, don't know if you are still out there, I see that the date of your post was 2012. You mentioned a family in Bali that grow, spin, weave and dye cotton fabric. I would love more info if you have it.

                      thanks  Tim

Hi there,

Do you still have your contact for organic bamboo underwear manufacturer in Bali? I would love to learn more about them!

Thank you!

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Hello there, i am traveling to Bali and i am very interested in eco-friendly fabric. saw your message and would love to have the information of this family. thanks for all your help.

Hi all,

im looking for organic prefer Gots cotton  to buy in Bali?

can you please advise me?

thank you ema

Some one posted the make products from pineapple leaf fabrics. Curious to know what finished products they make?

Thank you,