Schools in Algiers

Hi there, we are moving to Algiers in 18 months and have 3 English only speaking kids who will be 7,6 and 3. I would be grateful if anyone has advice re public vs private or international schools.
Many thanks :)

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I wish you good luck in your search.

I am in a similar situation....  I have read about an international school that teaches bi-lingual (English and Arabic)...but, I do not think it is located in the city center.  I have forgotten the name.  But, here is another website I found.

Hi, did you find anything? My daughter is out there with my husbands family (her choice) and we are looking to put her in school, she was home educated before this, the schools want a certificate of education from england... i said i would write a letter (being the educator) and they wont accept this... they want from government or school... neither give this. If you got your kids in could you tell me if you were asked for these documents and where you got them from... thanks.