Visa to live and work in India?

I'm planning to move to India the 24th of March this year, but right now I'm having problems finding a way to get a visa that allows for me to live and work in India.

As I understand it, I need a Employment visa, but that requires having a job before I move there...? And I need for the employee to sign some documents and pay a lot of money...? How can I find an employee willing to do that?

I just finished a certified 200-hour yoga teacher training and would like to start my own business teaching yoga, does anyone know if this is possible and if it is how? What kind of visa do I need to do this?

Any help and ideas are welcome!

Thank you!

Hello angeleyefaery,

Getting a work visa and getting the papers signed in India is little bit cumbersome.

First of all the YOGA was originated from India, and it takes years to get mastered in it. As far as there are many yoga masters in India it self, why should you be given a visa for that. In a straight forward way it is difficult.

But don't get desp, there are other ways. First you have to locate some elite educational institutions, corporates, resorts etc which interacts with high profile persons. You can google for this.

Introduce yourself and tell them that you have mastered in fusion yoga, western yoga, yoga incorporated with memory techniques etc - some thing that make them feel that yours is not an ordinary yoga. At any point, you shall not make feel your potential employer that you are bluffing.

In India there is a myth circulated that what ever done by the foreigners (especially whites, Japanese, Koreans etc) are the best things.

If you got hold of a potential employer, ask for an exorbitant or more than a reasonable remuneration. Another myth is that low priced services or materials are of low quality.

It is practical to accept even a temporary or short term offer initially, by which you may get at-least an entry and way for penetration. If satisfied on you, they may enhance the tenure of the agreement. Other wise, in the mean time you can try and find some other opportunities.

One more important thing, you should asses and ascertain the intentions of your potential employer. Don't think that Indians are fools in general. They cunning enough to supersede your cleverness.

best of luck.



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Hi Gopakumar.

Thank you very much for your answer.

I know yoga is originated in India and there are many people teaching yoga there. In Kovalam though, where I will be staying, my impression is, that most teaching is self-taught and not certified teachers. I took a 200-hours Teacher Training (certified by Yoga Alliance). In addition, I have taken a 12 hours teacher training in Yoga Therapeutics, which is something different I can offer.

What I really wanted was to start my own yoga business and earn my living by being a teacher. I was thinking of offering yoga-retreats mostly for tourists in Kovalam or someone wanting to go there. I'm in the process of setting up an website for that and I have a business meeting in March with a potential business partner.

But right now, my main concern is just getting a Visa for living and working in India, if that means take some other kind of job just to get there in the first place I'm fine with that.

If you know of any available jobs please let me know.
Thank you.

Kind regards

hi angel,
Some foreigners could get a job in India with high experience in their domains. Say CEO,CFO kind. These jobs are highly paid which is one of the criteria to be fulfilled for a foreigner to be hired in india. Or if u are hired by MNCs ( with the required salary cap of min 25000 US $ per annum) the chances of getting work visa are high. Usually these companies are IT companies so your work domain may need to be Management, Technology, etc.

The other way of getting work visa is if you are hired as a Chef OR a language expert. Langauges like German, Spanish, French, Danish, Dutch, Italian are in good demand in India. Best part is, Minimum Salary cap does not hold for these kind of jobs. You may check job portals like or for the above. Check this link below

Once you are here, you may take up ur yoga teaching in part time.  I am sure you will get good response

Good luck

Thank you for your very informative post, november_butterfly!

I'm still trying to figure out what to do, but I think my best shot is to come into India on a Tourist Visa and then find a job once I am there and change the visa. I guess that is possible right?
I tried looking at the job portals you wrote, but almost every job requires experience in a field that I have none. I couldn't find any jobs as an language expert.

HI Angel,

Unfortunately is not possible to transform Tourist Visa in nay other kind of Visa. So if you do find a employer who is willing to offer you a job you will have to return to Denmark and from there apply for employment visa to the Indian Embassy in Denmark.

Its curious how you didn't find translators jobs since I see those all the time, especially on and Danish is a pretty searched language.
Anyways good luck in your process.

If you want to start your own business in India, you'll need a Business visa. Employment visas are only for people who are employed with and getting a salary of more than $25,000 per year from an Indian company. If you  have an employment visa, you're only allowed to work for the one company specified in the visa. Business visa would be the way to go I think.

More info about visa types: … -Types.htm

search mysore yoga. in india , the best place to do yoga is mysore. i have been there n did yoga. first come on tourist visa n then try to get employment visa. im sure u will find some way to get it. if u want i can provide u contact #

Hi !
I am indian Yoga teacher ,but working at Vietnam.My suggestion for you to start your your yoga bussiness other country,not at India.because there are many yoga institutions and centres already and many free camps are organised by different groups.If you want any thing more help in Yoga field,i shall co-operate with you,[Moderated: No free ad pls]..I can introduce u some of my fds ,who r doing Yoga retreats and teachers' training.Thanks

you will have to find a sponsor

vinay jain

Its a wise decision with good prospects,feel free to message me if you need any help or info about the a yoga instructor myself and used to teach in kannur and now im in Chennai but work in aviation.

Hello guys,

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