Applying for a work permit for India

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Updated 2020-06-03 08:59

If you wish to work in India you will need to obtain a valid work visa. Work visas are specially designed for foreigners who wish to join a company in India or start a business or even work for an NGO. Those hoping to work in the country are required to complete an online visa application and take the printout of the online filled in application and required travel documents to their nearest embassy.

Validity of an Indian work visa

Work visas are generally granted by the Indian embassy or consulate in your country and are valid for one year, irrespective of the agreed length of the employment contract. The visa is also given with multiple entry options so that the individual can come and go as many times as needed within the validity of the visa.

Further extension of a visa can be obtained from the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in the concerned state in India.

In case of longer stay visas, you are required to get registered with the FRRO within 14 days following your arrival in the country.

Good to know:

The visa duration starts from the day of issuance and not from the day of entry in India.


Visa fees for the work visa differ depending on the country of application. Visa fees are also based on the visa duration, from 1 year to 5 years.

Eligibility for a work visa for India

To be eligible for the work visa, you have to comply with one of the following conditions. You must:

  • have been hired by an Indian company or a multinational company having a branch office in India;
  • be a remunerated consultant;
  • be an artist (who regularly takes part in shows and events);
  • be an air pilot;
  • be a foreign language teacher or interpreter;
  • be a sportsman or a coach/trainer;
  • hold a senior management position in an international company and/or specialise on a specific project for which you have been employed by a foreign company in India;
  • be involved in a non-government organization (NGO).


Spouse and dependent family members accompanying the applicant must apply for an entry visa and not just a tourist visa. Their visa duration will be assessed according to the main applicant's visa.


To apply for a work visa, you have to produce the following documents:

  • Your passport (which should be valid for at least a year and contain three blank pages)
  • A copy of your passport's first pages
  • Two passport-size identity photos
  • A duly filled visa application form
  • An additional work visa application form (to be downloaded on India Visa Online)
  • Your employment contract, written in English and containing the duration and conditions of the contract
  • Your resume (written in English)
  • Tax liability details
  • Copies of your diplomas and supporting documents regarding your professional competencies
  • A copy of the company's registration certificate

Other documents may also be asked for, depending on your nationality and the nature of your work.

Useful link:

Indian Visa Online - Information on visas

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