"Two month out" rule for tourist visa

Hi, I have friends coming over to visit on tourist visas. We are also planning to visit Nepal for a couple of weeks. I've heard a lot about visitors with tourist visas having to stay out of India for 2 months once they leave so I advised my friends to transit through Delhi or Calcutta airport straight into Nepal, then come back into India for the rest of their stay. I assumed this would count as just one entry into India (and it does state that on vfsglobal website) However my friend has been told by her travel agent in UK that she will have to request a "double entry visa" Does anyone have any recent experience that could help?

Yes, since David Headley, the Indian government has made the Tourist Visa less attractive. There are exceptions to the "David Headley" rule (two months out of India) which I have used mickyandrani.blogspot.in/2011/10/observations-and-experiences-of.html but even this is no longer attrractive. Perhaps the best and only way is to apply for the re-entry visa http://india.travisa.com/TVSVisaInstruc … A&GLID=AUShttp://www.immigrationindia.nic.in/tourist_visa2.htm  or to get a visa other than Travel.

Recently, I read http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes … val-scheme which states that the two-month rule has been eliminated. However, when I go to mha.nic.in, I do not see any update or verification of this.
Does anybody know of any official (government) verification of the news reports?