Visas, length of stay, confusing regarding India-help!

I wonder if someone could help me- am I correct in understanding that an american can only stay in india 5 years,  and even that, only 6 months at a time? What type of visa without working or studying would be the longest? And astly, what type of health insurance for perscriptions would  be cheapest? Thank you very much!

I dont understand r u planning to come and enjoy in India or stay and work forever

Work Visa is longer

Hey Mike! If you don't want to work in India then you can try several options like business visa for example, if you will find some "partners" in India of cuz.. But guest visa can help also.. I'm not sure if they still can give one for 5 years, better  learn it in embassy.. And for such kind of visa you will need some real good friend in India. Besides you can marry indian citizen then you will stay there for so long time as you wish =D

should be very helpful.

Only, if you get married to an Indian citizen, chances are she will want to move to the US with you! :)

I am yet to come across an Indian married to an American citizen, who wouldn't want to move to the US.

You can convince her to leave the US and come back to live in India only after retirement.

But if you really want to learn about Hinduism, India and so on and want to spend only some time in India, not settle down here forever, it's not a bad idea to marry an Indian woman. Even if you go back to the US you can learn about India from her. Besides, Indian women are rumored to be amongst the best wives in the world. Just a thought.

Well, I must caution you - you seem to like India very much and it is true that it is perhaps the most unique country in the world, but you won't get the well-organised life and good infrastructure here which you are used to in the West. Besides, people aren't always punctual. And you know the population is overflowing here. After all, India is Third World.

You can expect the unexpected every day here! ;)