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List of documents that are required at the time of registration with the Foreigners Registration Offices in India is given below. The registration is essential for all foreigners having visas for a period exceeding 6 months except the exempted categories and should be done within 14 days of first arrival at the nearest office of the Foreigners Registration Officer:


(i) Original passport on which visa is endorsed.

(ii) Photocopy of the passport and initial visa.

(iii) Four photographs of the applicant

(iv) Details of residence in India

(v) HIV test report from one of the WHO recognized Institutions from people in the age group 15 to 60 years, if the foreigner is visiting India on a visa for more than one year.

(vi) Copy of the marriage certificate in case of those seeking extension of stay on grounds of being spouse of an Indian national.

(vii) Bonafide certificate from the University/College/Institution in case of Student visa.

(viii) Accreditation certificate from Press Information Bureau in case of Journalist visa.

(ix) Approval of the Department of Company Affairs in case of Board level appointments in Public Limited Companies.

(x) Copy of the approval from Government of India in case of a joint venture or collaboration (in duplicate).

(xi) Copy of permission from the RBI in case of contract or agreement, in case of business/joint ventures etc.

(xii) Terms and conditions of appointment and copy of contract or agreement, in case of Employment visa.

(xiii) Undertaking from the concerned Indian company on the following lines in case of Employment/Business visas:

UNDERTAKING:We take full responsibility for the activities and conduct of Mr/Mrs/Ms_________ national of_________________ during his/her stay in India. If anything adverse comes to notice during this period, we undertake to repatriate him/her at our cost.

Addresses of Registration Offices:

F.R.R.O, Hans Bhavan, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi. Tel: 00 91 11 319 489.

F.R.R.O, 237, AJC Bose Road, Calcutta. Tel: 00 91 33 247 0549

F.R.R.O, Tata Press Building, 414, S V Marg, Mumbai. Tel: 00 91 22 621 169

C.H.I.O, 26, Haddows Road, Chennai. Tel: 00 91 44 827 7036

At other places, the Superintendent of Police of the Districts are Foreigners Registration Officers.

Certificates of registration will be issued by the registration officers. The foreigners should surrender their certificates of registration to the Registration Officer of the place where they are registered or at the place from where they intend to depart or to the Immigration Office at the post/check post of exit from India. If the certificates are surrendered to someone other than the Immigration officer at the post/check post of exit, then the foreigners should produce the receipt indicating such surrender to the Immigration officer at the post/check posts of exit.

Registration is required to be done only once during the validity of a visa irrespective of the number of times the foreigner leaves/re-enters India on a multi entry facility.

Following categories of foreigners are exempted from registration:

(i) US Nationals holding ten year Tourist/Business visas provided their continuous stay during each visit does not exceed 6 months.

(ii) Foreigners of Indian origin holding 5 year multiple entry X visa with an endorsement that 'stay should not exceed 6 months during each visit.'

(iii) Foreigners holding five-year Tourist visas, who are actively engaged in tourist/travel trade, desirous of visiting India frequently over extended periods for promotion of tourism etc., provided that their visa contains an endorsement that 'continuous stay should not exceed 6 months'.

(iv) Foreigners below the age of 16 years.

Foreigners can visit restricted/prohibited areas only after getting a valid permit as visa alone is not enough to visit such places.

Foreigners coming from or through yellow fever countries must come with valid vaccination certificate.

On arrival/departure, foreigners should fill up Disembarkation/Embarkation forms.

CAUTION: The Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act bans all forms of wildlife trade. Violations of the provisions of the Act are punishable with heavy fines and imprisonment. Foreigners are therefore, advised not to buy any wildlife or wildlife products or derivatives, specially ivory articles, fur and skin articles derived from wild animals such as Shahtoosh. .

BEWARE: Foreigners should not carry, buy, sell or use psychotropic drugs or any other narcotic substances while in India as their purchase, sale or possession is a cognizable offence.

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