Need help for PIO card

HI guys,

I'm Moroccan citizen who got married to an Indian I stay at Navi Mumbai, I want to apply for PIO card, I know all the documents required for that, I will tell you my concern.

1st when I sent to FRRO Navi Mumbai office to enquire about the place when I need to aplly for PIO they told me that  we are not responsible about the PIO you need to get all your information from FRRO Mumbai, when I went there they told me that, sorry you cant submit here as your a part of Navi Mumbai.

they said me that if you stay at Mumbai that you need to submit at FRRO Mumbai but you stay at Navi Mmbai you need to go to Delhi and apply.

I called up Delhi visa support they told me that you don't need to come over to apply you can send by courier all  the required documents and we will proceed, I asked them how long does it take to get the PIO card ? they told me it may take minimum 3 months. then I asked them if I send you the courier of my documents will you give me some CODE or Receipt or justification that I have send you the documents and its in process that will also allow me to follow up with you. they refused saying that it s not possible once your card will be ready will send it to you by courier.

I m having many doubt because no when in there web side its written that I can submit by courier....
Then I came to know that their is one foreigner who lives in my society I went to ask her she told me that it was very painful experience but she got it, she even told me that some of her friend applied but they didn't get replay and there document got lost ...

can anybody help me with solution when I need to apply should I go ahead and apply by courier? or if anyone had apply for PIO can guide me?


The best you can do just go to Delhi personally so that all the documents will be safe and sound with you. In case you can not go before you send documents, do couple of hard copies and one of it get notarised. Keep dispatch slip with you until you get to know that your documents have been delivered. In case your documents get lost it will help you save some time not to collect them once again. But as far as i know courier service does not deliver the originals of any id proof.

Best of luck
Wish you get PIO card as soon as possible


Thanks guys I thing you are right I will go personally to delhi and see how it goes. but do you know any good agents who can make my work faster ?

If you decided to go to Delhi personally do everything by yourself so that you can control all the process and will get to know how it works.
1. No agent is allowed to submit your documents because you have to go there with your husband as both yours and his signatures are required.
2. Before FRRO you have to go to Ministry of Home affairs and apply there first.
3. After your documents are examined they send the confirmation to Delhi (or may be even to Mumbai FRRO). This is possible because MHA is dominated one.
4. To know more you can visit their website to clarify details.

Unfortunately officers do not contact issuers on phone. But may there is a kind of live chat, or you send an e-mail to ask all the issues exercising which you haven`t got answered in Mumbai.
This procedure looks longsome but if all the documents are done in proper way it will not take much time.
Anyway before you take a journey try to simplify it by taking all the steps in right way and in order of importance they are.

All the best


Hey! I am doing the process now. I applied by courier to MHA Delhi (courier with tracking no). You can check online if it is received. It was. Then for 45 days no news at all!! Like you said no tracking no. Then suddenly policeman called for address verification. That means application reached. Now still no news. But policeman verified only 2 weeks back. I guess it means another 45 days of waiting with no news and then hopefully PIO will be sent to me.
List of documents should be given to you at FRO. Everything has to be notarized.